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    PSP 3.02 update available now!

    PSP 3.02 update available now
    it is just to strengthen security issues

    thats just about it

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    Cool news, I will be updating the Site News with it shortly... along with the news of the 1.30 PS3 Firmware Update as well!

    Listed interesting changes in the 3.02 updater are:
    - Revisions to strengthen security have been added.

    That's it. At a guess it has something to do with the certificate utility/PS3/PSx stuff. However, they said that 3.02 is a bug fix to allow for downloading extra tracks with Parappa the Rapper. The browser apparently crashes when you attempt to do so with 3.00 or 3.01.. so perhaps it's more of a bug fix than a security update.

    Here is the FULL official changelog:

    The PSP® system software version 3.02 update includes the following:

    PLAYSTATION®Network titles are now supported.
    PLAYSTATION®Network titles* can now be downloaded via the PLAYSTATION®3 system.
    * The term "PLAYSTATION®Network titles" refers to PlayStation format software (PS one games) downloaded from PLAYSTATION®Store and PSP format games distributed electronically. Note that when playing on a PSP® system, system software version 3.01 or later is required.

    [Remote Play] has been added as a feature.
    [Online Instruction Manuals] has been added as a feature.
    [Set Timer] has been added as a feature under [RSS Channel].

    [Visual Player] has been added as a feature.
    Three-speed fast forward and fast reverse has been added as a feature under [Music].

    [Camera] has been added as a feature.

    [UMD™ Auto-Start] has been added as a feature under [System Settings].

    New for 3.02: A security patch has been added to address security vulnerabilities in the system software.
    Here is more info on the changes:

    Some games work in 3.00 but not in 3.02 - this is probably due to sony fixing bugs - for example BIA fails to load in 3.02 but works fine in 3.00 - that's strange wouldn't you say? well not really - simply by replacing sysmem.prx into 3.02 firmware it will work.....

    There might be other games that need the same - by that I mean prx swapping, so I have drawn up a list of all the files that are different between firmware - this was done by decrypting both sets of firmware and doing a hex compare with some software I have on my pc.

    Files that differ are:

    Reboot.bin (don't swap)

    kd folder

    libhttp.prx - (byte size)
    loadcore.prx (don't swap this or firmware will crash)......
    pspnet_adhoc_matching.prx - (byte size)
    pspnet_apctl.prx - (byte size)
    pspnet_inet.prx - (byte size)
    umdman.prx - (byte size)
    usbgps.prx - (byte size)

    vsh/etc folder
    index.dat - used for fimware id (don't swap)
    version.txt - used for firmware id (don't swap)

    vsh/module folder
    htmlviewer_plugin.prx - (byte size)

    The obvious files, have byte size next to them - they are easy to see - however the files that don't have byte size next to them are not as they are the same amount of bytes in both firmware - however they do differ by a small amount - usually 1 byte is different, this is not the file version - as most files have that change, but a different byte - probably some protection bit or something.

    what each of these prx's do, and which ones will proboblly affect a game:

    int.prx - (initiates games, may affect game)
    lfatfs.prx - (shouldnt affect game, reads ms)
    lflash_fatfmt.prx - (not used for devhook to run, wont affect games anyways)
    libhttp.prx - (wont affect game - browser)
    loadcore.prx - (may affect game, loads games)
    loadexec.prx - (may affect game, loads games)
    pspnet_adhoc_matching.prx - (wont affect game - browser)
    pspnet_apctl.prx - (wont affect game - browser)
    pspnet_inet.prx - (wont affect game - browser)
    sysmem.prx - (affects game's)
    umdman.prx - (may affect game)
    usbgps.prx - (fix's gps bug, wont affect game)

    none of the files in VSH will affect a game

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    This firmware works for devhook...which version of devhook that you refer to, 0.51?

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    Just wonder where can I get the eboot for 3.02 since the official PSP website is still on 3.01..

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    Quote Originally Posted by alvarado6411 View Post
    yes, you can use the same decryptor.
    so i can use the same decrypter that i use for devhook 0.51. How i can verified this work while i cant get the copy 3.02 from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stardust79 View Post
    so i can use the same decrypter that i use for devhook 0.51. How i can verified this work while i cant get the copy 3.02 from?
    use the search button!!!!! or at least look on the front page.


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    I Just downloaded the update and have it working 100% with Devhook .51 use same method as 3.01.

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    I think that tomorrow will be released 3.03 LOL

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    Ya It Will Be Homebrew Enabled!

    Quote Originally Posted by mtl View Post
    I think that tomorrow will be released 3.03 LOL
    Imagine That, HeHe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtl View Post
    I think that tomorrow will be released 3.03 LOL
    That news was funny... Sony going to release 3.03 the next day. They might have a hard time with homebrew developers... hahahaha...

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