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    Post How to set-up Hybrid PSP 2.71/2.80 Firmware!

    Update: Here is an updated guide for 2.71 + 3.02 Hybrid Mod For SE-C For PSP courtesy of PSPSwampy.

    This is a Tutorial covering the steps involved in setting up Hybrid Firmware on your PSP for those interested!

    2.71/2.80 Hybrid Firmware via DevHook (Non-Flash'd):

    Theres some talk of a Hybrid DevHook going around which fixes compatibility with some 2.8 games such as Thrillville, Yu-gi-oh, Asterix, and others untouched.. here's how to do it (and please note this is all done with an on the memory stick DevHook, not flash):

    Open up your pspbtcnf_game.txt and change the following lines:

    /kd/memlmd.prx to /kd/memlmd_280.prx
    /kd/mscm to /kd/mscm_280.prx
    /kd/mesg_led.prx to /kd/mesg_led_280.prx
    /kd/registry.prx to /kd/registry_280.prx
    /kd/utility.prx to /kd/utility_280.prx
    /kd/impose.prx to /kd/impose_280.prx




    ms0:/dh/kd/plain2x.prx (if its already there don't bother)

    Now obviously the _280 prefixed modules are 2.8 modules.. you need to use Dark_AleX's PSAR Dumper v0.2B 2.81 FW Sig Check Mod For PSP, make sure they are decrypted then rename them and add to kd folder.

    Step 1: Download Dark_AleX's PSAR Dumper v0.2B 2.81 FW Sig Check Mod For PSP and copy psardumpmod and psardumpmod% to /PSP/GAME folder.

    Step 2: Use PBP Unpacker v0.94 to extract DATA.PSAR from 2.80/2.81 firmware EBOOT.PBP and copy the DATA.PSAR to the root of your memory stick.

    Step 3: Run PSAR Dumper Mod. In the menu screen press the SQUARE button and it'll dump 2.80/2.81 firmware and decrypt all the files to your MS. All the files will be inside F0 folder.

    Step 4: Go to F0 folder and rename memlmd.prx, mscm.prx, mesg_led.prx, registry.prx, utility.prx and impose.prx files to memlmd_280.prx, mesg_led_280.prx, registry_280.prx, utility_280.prx and impose_280.prx and copy them from F0/kd to dh/271/flash0/kd folder of your memory stick.

    Step 5: Open pspbtcnf_game.txt file and edit accordingly (see the steps at the TOP of this post).

    Step 6: Enjoy your Hybrid 2.71/2.80 Firmware with DevHook!

    2.71/2.80 Hybrid Firmware Direct-Load via 2.71 SE-B3:

    Note: This will flash your Firmware- be VERY careful if you decide to try this as you can BREAK your PSP!


    1) no need for DevHook, this is direct from XMB
    2) works with NO UMD in drive



    1) I presume you're on SE-B3, if not get it and install fresh.
    2) You need four 2.80 PRX files which are:

    - mscm.prx ... rename it to mscm_280.prx
    - mesg_led.prx ... rename it to mesg_led_280.prx
    - registry.prx ... rename it to registry_280.prx
    - utility.prx ... rename it to utility_280.prx

    Place these four renamed PRX files in the root of your memory stick.

    3) You need PSP Filer v1.9 in the game150 folder
    4) Open PSP Filer (for English language press select, o, x) and enter hacker mode (L + dpad left + R)
    5) You should see that you're in ms0 and hopefully you'll see at the bottom of your list the four PRX files.
    6) Highlight all four (by pressing square on each one) and then press x
    7) You should see a copy to ramdisk option with circle show up, if so press circle. Once copied, press circle again
    8) Now press START several times until you see you're in flash0
    9) You'll see the kn folder, place your arrow on it and press x
    10) You should see the option "paste all folders from ramdisk" with circle. if so press circle and press again circle to exit
    11) Press Select + START to leave PSP Filer
    12) If you return to XMB, it's a good sign everything worked OK
    13) Plug in the USB and create a folder in msroot called reflash and paste the attached pspbtcnf_game.txt file inside
    14) Shut off your PSP and go to recovery mode. Go to advanced, flash pspbtcnf_game.txt (2.71) and press x.

    WARNING: It's important you don't screw this part up so make sure it reads what I just wrote!

    15) Go back to your XMB and run your game!

    Known Issues: It's impossible to load a game with plain modules disabled (due to the utility.prx). This unfortunately means that any game that needed to have the plain modules option disabled (Socom 2, for example) will not load. The only way to load them is through DevHook and emulated 2.71 only Firmware.
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    Nice Tut Pool Boy. Everything went smooth. Only thing I noticed was at step '10) You should see the option "paste all folders from ramdisk" with circle. if so press circle and press again circle to exit' Mine was the triangle for that function, but it says it right there so unless your an complete idiot you shud be fine figuring it out like I did. Thanks again. Im gonna try out all my pesky 2.80 games now.

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    can somebody compile all the files in one zip for the devhook non-flashed? it would help a lot of us out and make it easier.........

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    Nope... that's why we have a clear guide on it (DUH!)

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    SO if i get a 2.81 EBoot do I have to rename the decryted files to 281 instead of 280? Example utility_281.prx

    I have a SE-B2. Its mentioned to do it on a fresh one. So should I delete Devhook and its associated files from my MS?

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    Is there possibly a way we could do this with the firmware 3.0?
    That would be so cool!

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    Well, wouldn't it still be just the psx emu thats cool, and for that you need a ps3? or am I wrong? Since I don't have a ps3 that aint so cool

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    Yes we can fully emulate 2.8 (but we need a new DHv47 to came out)

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    i have 2.71se-b but i have installed screenshot/video mod and cw cheat, so would i still be able to do this hybrid?

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    .....this is so much appreciate from me......i will try later.....i was looking for one way to play asterix....thanks again

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