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    PlayStation 4 Rumor? Is it true?

    A friend of mine said that the PS4 will be the size of a mac mini, and be able to play PS1, 2, and 3 games. Is that true? Or just rumor junk?

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    Not true. The PS4 will make sweet love to you while you sleep.

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    and it'll rpe your xbox 360/wii when you're not around... lol j/k

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    It's not a rumor... I saw it for real... It's like 10 inches high and 3 inches wide... Yeap... it's just a rumor!

    PlayStation 4 Rumor? Is it true?-playstation4-jpg

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    PlayStation 4 Rumor? Is it true?-playstation_4-jpg

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    Wow.. I actually like that one PSfan! +Rep

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    Looks pretty wild that unit indeed..

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    Looks like a Wii60 to me.

    We arent going to see a PS4 for a while so any rumors you hear are nonsense until proven otherwise.

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    Again with the boomarang controllers!!! Geez is some Batman fan doing the design work or something!

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    Not True

    Why would they a whole design of it now when the PS3 isn't even 3 years old and why would they let the PS2 outlive the PS3?

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