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    Videos: PS4 BD-J (Blu-ray Java) Homebrew Running on PlayStation 4

    Similar to how PS3 Java Homebrew ran on Sony's PlayStation 3 console, today aries2k shared some videos of PS4 BD-J (Blu-ray Java) homebrew running on PlayStation 4 including BD J NES and BD J GB with details below.

    This confirmation comes soon after PlayStation 4 developer SKFU released a Minimal PS4 BD-J SDK which is based on FreePlay's Minimal BD-J SDK for PS3.

    From aries2k: Back in the day for the PS3, I couldn't even get the SDK compiled right. Lua is about the only thing I can code in, lol I'm going to have to leave the real coding for you Devs but I'm more than happy to test anything for anyone.

    Ok, I couldn't find my camera so I had to use my vita for the videos. This is the NES BD-J emulator: BD J NES on the PS4

    I just used this ISO from this link from PS3News that GR provided. I used WinISO to add ROMs, then just use any BD burning software. Here's the Gameboy BR-J emu: BD J GB on the PS4

    Unfortunately, these emulators would have to be recompiled (jpcsp.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/) without using the START or Select buttons since the DS4 doesn't have them. I couldn't get most ROMs I tried to start on both emulators. Also no sound yet with BD-J homebrew.

    There's more BD-J homebrew than I thought. Still I don't think anyone made use of the network and HDD storage capabilities like with BD-Live. I've transferred various files from BD-Live over to the PS4s harddrive. Lol, it seems to let you use all the free space on the HDD. I've used BD-LIVE on another BD-Player with a USB to see what kind of files are transferred and there are some .jar files in there.

    So in theory maybe it would be possible to transfer BD-J homebrew to the PS3s hdd and then use a BD (boot)disc to select the different homebrew on the HDD through BD-Live?

    First PS3 Homebrew Game - Blaster Bunny

    BD-Java in Firmware 2.80

    From GregoryRasputin: I have reached out to the developer of the original PS3 Minimal BDJ SDK to see if he could update it, so that it accommodates the PS4 control pad, also Blu Ray Java and Java in general should be more advanced now than it was back on the PS3 and with more power on the PS4, perhaps we could now implement sound and perhaps have better homebrew.

    Here are some facts:
    • This is NOT a hack.
    • This is NOT anything major and will not lead to anything major.
    • This will NOT let you run PS4 “backups”.
    • This will NOT give you any access to the PS4’s OS system files.
    • This is NOT illegal.
    • This does NOT void your warranty.
    • This will NOT let you run PC games on your PS4.
    • This will ONLY let you run Java software.

    We all know that this isn't any type of break through, it is using a system that is already in place, to run something that we have created ourselves, it runs from disc and does not touch any part of the PS4's operating system, so do not expect anything huge from this.

    If anything comes from this and the SDK is updated, do expect some fun homebrew and app's that we can use on our PS4's.

    This method will also work on the PS3 and should work on the Xbox One, not sure about the Wii U, but we won't know until it is tested.

    From zecoxao: You need java sdk 7. That's all i know. lol install netbeans as well. You're going to need it if you want to properly build java stuff instead of using batch files. (oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html)

    Finally, from FreePlay: Good news and bad news. Good news first: burn it onto a BD-RE and it totally works. Kinda. Technically. You can run the programs just fine.

    Bad news: There's no audio. But I think we already knew that.

    Making the buttons work could be tough. For the NES emulator, B and A map to Square and X, and to press select or start, you have to hit the Options button, pick the Control Panel, and press 1 or 2 (or just press 1 or 2 if you have a remote). I don't know if it's possible to override the PS4 OS's interception of Triangle, Circle, Share, Options, L1, L2, R1, or R2; they all just do what they would do for any Blu-ray movie.

    I'll continue to play around... Here's a video. Don't mind the dog or the girlfriend

    Something else I forgot to mention that you might have noticed in the video: emulators run REALLY FAST on this. Like, around 400% speed. I don't know why.

    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    Joseph Stalin Guest
    Why not write a java backup manager? Or is it completely impossible to do?

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    moja Guest
    Nice. I would actually really enjoy PS1/PS2 emulators with this, although is the SDK good enough to port these? I'm not much of a coder.

    Would be nice to create a disc that works on both PS4 and XBone, since Java is designed to be cross-platform.

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    would be nice to know if this can play mkv and h264 i could right a player to stream movies from a specific url

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    D3NN15 Guest
    So, what do I need to have and to do to get this to work?

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by adrianc1982 View Post
    would be nice to know if this can play mkv and h264 i could right a player to stream movies from a specific url
    Well BD-Live does stream video clips so I believe it should be possible once someone figures out how to connect to a network on BD-J.

    h264 is native to BD so that should work and I know it also accepts m2ts files.

    Quote Originally Posted by D3NN15 View Post
    So, what do I need to have and to do to get this to work?
    A BluRay burner and a blank BD or BD-RE.

    BD-RE makes more sense right now until someone codes a BD-J homebrew loader where you could put multiple games and emulators on one disc.

    Just grab the ISO, use WinIso or similar program to add roms and burn with any BD writing software.


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    skinn3y Guest
    The emulators run really fast due to the speed of the ps4. Just like trying to play an old DOS game on a modern pc.

    Unfortunately overriding the BD controls will not be possible as the BD has no access to the OS.

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    catch Guest
    nice info

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    boyaca Guest
    Hello and cool news.

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    catch Guest
    hope to have a PS4 jailbreak soon

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