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    Apr 2005

    Video: Sony PlayStation 4 / PS4 Debug Test Kit Unboxing Revealed

    Today a video surfaced from Computer Bild TV via YouTube of a Sony PlayStation 4 / PS4 Debug Test Kit DUH-T1000AA unboxing which can be seen below.

    Those interested can check out the PlayStation 4 controller, PS4 cables, and ports that come with the next-generation video gaming console up close.

    Feel free to comment on the video below and enjoy! Also be sure to keep on eye on www.PS4News.com which will be launching around the time the PlayStation 4 is officially released in North America on November 15, 2013.

    To quote: "Are you interested to see the PlayStation 4 up close and watch someone unbox it? Well, Computer Bild TV uploaded a video today where they unbox the console and show the accessories that come with it. You can watch the video with English subtitles through the closed captioning settings.

    The PlayStation package they received came with one controller, an HDMI cable, and a headset. The console itself has USB, optical, HDMI, and network ports.

    The PS4 will be released on November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe, Australia, and Brazil. The console is priced at $399 excluding the camera and a game."

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    elser1 Guest
    wish I had a devkit ps4

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    Apr 2005
    Me too, I'd offer it to CJPC who was the first to kick off PS3 development years ago

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    Apr 2005

    PS4 Debug / DEX / Test PS4UPDATE-TestKit-GEN2-1_501_041.PUP Out

    Following up on the PS4 Debug Test Kit Unboxing and PS4 Test Kit User Interface video footage, today harryoke has made available a PS4 Debug / DEX / Test PS4UPDATE-TestKit-GEN2-1_501_041.PUP update file for those interested in examining it.

    Download: PS4UPDATE-testkit-GEN2-1_501_041.PUP (326.4 MB) / PS4UPDATE-testkit-GEN2-1_501_041.PUP (Mirror) / PS4UPDATE-testkit-GEN2-1_501_041.PUP (Mirror #2) / PS4UPDATE-testkit-GEN2-1_501_041.PUP (Mirror #3) / PS4UPDATE-testkit-GEN2-1_501_041.PUP (Mirror #4) / PS4UPDATE-testkit-GEN2-1_501_041.PUP (Mirror #5)

    To quote: PS4UPDATE-testkit-GEN2-1_501_041

    Here you go ... Enjoy

    Sorry for crappy links ... try this ... PLEASE MIRROR before it gets deleted

    326 MB (342,266,880 bytes)
    Version: 1.501.041
    Size: 342266880
    Firmware hashes:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Finally, from eussNL: For anyone asking the file is useless for retail consoles, only installable on DUT-TAHxxxK-yy series models (DUT-TAHxxxK-yy known model numbers in license regions, e.g.: DUT-TAH00JK-D0 SCEJ)

    It is not a firmware for a PS4 Debug / DEX in fact the whole DEX naming is unrelated to anything in the PS4 scene, it is not a Debug firmware either. The only thing correct is that it is a PS4 firmware.

    It is a TestKits Generation 2 firmware for DUT-TAHxxxK-yy series like the DUT-TAH00JK-D0 as the name clearly states. The firmware will not install on a DUH-T1000AA. It is useless if you do not have a GEN2 TestKit e.g. DUT-TAH00JK-D0 and extracting+decrypting is not possible atm.

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    Brenza Guest

    give us some nice report

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    Zarod Guest
    Nice! Good job! Saved and archived to my PS Firmware collection. Thanks for the share!

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    Apr 2005

    PlayStation 4 Dev Kit System Update 1.72 Screenshots Surface, Details

    Following up on the PS4 TestKits Generation 2 Firmware leak, today some screenshots have surfaced from martimartin (aka Skeetys) of the new PlayStation 4 Dev Kit System Update 1.72 with a few brief PS4 Testing Kit (for PlayStation 4) User Interface Model DUH-T1000AA details about them below.

    Download: Testing Kit (for PlayStation 4) User Interface Model DUH-T1000AA.rar (All 60 screenshots)

    To quote: New Update 1.72 and some dev kit system screenshoots.

    This is just screenshots of them.

    It's the Dev Kit OS, which is either unlocked on a regular console, or installed onto a regular console with this firmware.

    As always, we will post more information on PlayStation 4 Dev Kit System Update 1.72 as it becomes available and enjoy!

    Update: According to NetYaroze, the original source of the Testing Kit (for PlayStation 4) User Interface Model DUH-T1000AA (Debug Settings) screenshots is HERE courtesy of Robert Sebo (Slovenska Republika, Bratislava).
    • DUH-T1000AA PlayStation 4 Testing Kit (for PlayStation 4)
    • DUH-D1000AA Development Kit (for PlayStation 4)
    Below is some additional PS4 Dev / Test Kit information (from EussNL via psdevwiki.com/ps4/) as follows:

    PS4 Activation Key

    Location: ( USB: )\ps4_activation.afv

    Only used by Nonretail. Activation expires in 90 days, reducing several development functions of a TestKit/DevKit. File is generated on request by Sony and tied to console serial. The activation key is a xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx string (where x = hexadecimal)

    PS4 Development Kits
    • first generation: graphics card with A10 APU only A10 APU Card
    • second or third generation: 'PS4 Devkit (codename:Orbis)' DVKT-KS000K-xx series / DVKT-KW000K-xx series and DVKT-BS000K-xx series / DVKT-BW000K-xx series
    • fourth generation: DEHT series
    • fifth generation: DUT-DAWxxxK-Ty series / DUT-TAHxxxK-yy series
    • sixth generation (retail chassis): DUH-D1000xA series / DUH-T1000xA series

    Tip: FCC and MIC contain lots of model numbers

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    NetYaroze Guest

    Testing Kit (for PlayStation 4) User Interface Model: DUH-T1000AA

    The original source of this screen was taken from: facebook.com/www.scedev.net

    Testing Kit (for PlayStation 4) User Interface, Model: DUH-T1000AA (Debug Settings)

    Credits: Robert Sebo (Slovenska Republika, Bratislava)

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    Apr 2005
    Nice, I will add them to the main article as well shortly!

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    hishamage Guest
    ps4 hacked? or just a debug fw for ps4

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