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    Sony is Now Sending Legal Notices to PS4 JailBreaking Shops in Brazil

    Following the previous PS4 JailBreak update and yesterday's PS4 PSN Trick to Unlimited Share Games reveal, according to a Brazilian news site (linked above) Sony's legal department is now sending Intellectual Property Copyright Violation notices to resellers and shops of the Free Market of Cotia, São Paulo who are selling illegal PlayStation 4 PSN games for use on jailbroken consoles.

    Below is a rough translation, to quote: "Sony notifies the Free Market profiles and sites that illegally sell digital games

    Affiliate of Commerce, Industry of Electronic Games Brazil (ACIGAMES) sent, exclusively to the site Drops Games, a list of users of the free market and sites that sell, illegally, digital copies of games from the Japanese company Sony.

    The company now has restricted the number of digital copies to run on only two devices, a desktop console (PS3 or PS4) and a hand (PS Vita). Competitors like Microsoft, creator of the Xbox One, have not yet taken similar actions.

    Outside the legality and PSN standards, these people are selling accounts that should belong to users within the network to market games for below market prices. It is a total of 11 accounts on eBay and 10 sites acting clandestinely.

    What does the terms of the PSN service?

    Sony explains the privacy policy of the PlayStation Network (PSN) that the collection of personal registered accounts information should be used only to convey messages, advertisements and the company's products to the user. The contract does not provide retail games nor business partnerships.

    In this way, the system is designed so that you use your console PlayStation 4 or PS3 and connect directly with the company's network to get the games. A store these if you want to make the resale of games, you have to create cold records on PSN and then resell the securities. Prices may be attractive to the unsuspecting consumer, but the purchase may not be safe.

    What do these retailers?

    The store IsaguiGames registers users, giving scores for their interaction and even has a stand for the Sony game purchases. They promise to deliver the game within 24 hours and give a guarantee of three months by the transaction, which can be done via PagSeguro, the UOL, Free Market, b! Cash or direct deposit banking.

    Already NetGamesSC states that sells PSN cards, sells games to R $ 20 and has parts of his incomplete site as the "Frequently Asked Questions" section. The ShowGamesPSN site or hides the consumer will have to use an existing account to play the games purchased on your site in a clearly illegal operation.

    PSNGamesBH gives online support, but in the same irregular manner from other retail stores. The CentralPSN site makes the same kind of operation and also sells consoles from Sony and special versions of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. BrasucaExpress, PSNGamesDigitais, NovaEraGames MDGameStore and act the same way. Among all reported sites, GCMGames is down.

    The Cross Games, to circumvent locks the games you resell digitally, recommended that users not to upgrade to version 2.5 of the PSN - got the message after the publication of this Games Drops the report.

    The company, irresponsibly, disclaims responsibility if the buyer's digital account is affected, which goes against the privacy policy of Sony itself, which is responsible for information provided by the customer.

    A reseller of the Free Market of Cotia, São Paulo, would have performed 26499 illegal sales on the site. If sales were games with a price average of US $ 120, the loss of the creative enterprise of the PlayStation can reach the amount of R $ 3 million.

    Information was raised and brought to the legal department of Sony, which started the process.

    Violation of Intellectual Property

    The law firm Trench, Rossi e Watanabe filed a court notice of intellectual property infringement representing Sony on 29 April 2015. Based on Article 29 of the 9610 number of law, the company requires prior authorization before commercial placement their brands and products.

    The lawsuit asks a response of the accused in five days after the 29th to stop the illegal sales of PSN accounts. Otherwise, Sony will take "appropriate action to protect their copyright."

    The case shows how the Japanese company faces a new piracy border in Brazil after the increase in digital sales in the country. The PlayStation platform was one of the most pirated in the 90s and early 2000s.

    According to Fecomércio of Rio de Janeiro, in 2011 about 52% of the population confessed to have bought a pirate product, 57% of class A and B - the most economically well-off society."

    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    oticon Guest
    thanks ps4 news

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    B7U3 C50SS Guest
    wow it looks like the those mod shops are going to be in a lot of legal trouble.. it looks like the beginning of how 3.55 started. I'm getting excited.

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    DvdXploitr Guest
    I guess thats what you get for trying to PROFIT on piracy!!!

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    anuraglpu1 Guest
    thank you very much ps4news for giving important information on playstations.

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    jinnz2k Guest
    Boy, does that mean the real deal is coming?! How exciting

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    metallicad Guest

    thumbs up for mods

    That's breaking news...

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    sahil00150 Guest
    This means the real jailbreak for PS4 is on the way to the gamers world.

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    B7U3 C50SS Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sahil00150 View Post
    This means the real jailbreak for PS4 is on the way to the gamers world.
    don't get your hopes up.. i would wait a few more years before anything big is to be expected.

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    LUIZ00987 Guest
    I don't think that jailbreaking a console is a crime, unless that the person uses the jailbreak to commit piracy.

    I'm from Brazil, and however I use everything that my parents buy to me responsibly and if everyone use their consoles or any other electronic device responsibly, like me, then we don't have to be afraid of anything.

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