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    Apr 2005

    PSNStuff+ Custom Database Files by Yutolio Updated, Includes PS4 Files

    Following his PSNStuff+ updates and the PSNStuffX release, today PlayStation 3 developer Yutolio returns with more PSNStuff+ Custom Database Files which now includes a PlayStation 4 / PS4 game file database that may be of use for the rumored PS4 JailBreak!

    Do not update to 4.75 OFW or these games will no longer work for now. Stay on 4.70 OFW if you intend to play any of them. CFW users can still use the CFW database files.


    To quote: Another small update with new entries into the PSN database for CFW only, C00, DLC and PS4 database files. Now you no longer need to download entire .rar's with all database files. You can just download the one with the title your looking for. Still a lot to do. More to come.

    PSN - (CFW)

    Aaru's Awakening (1.01 updated)
    Adventure Time: Explore The Dungeon Because I Don't Know!
    Anna: Extended Edition

    DLC - (CFW/OFW)

    Psycho Break - (The Consequence DLC)
    The Evil Within - (The Consequence DLC)
    Yakuza 3
    Yakuza 4
    Yakuza: Dead Souls


    Child Of Light - (EU)


    Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin
    Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    PSNStuff+ / Custom Database Files - by Yutolio

    I've put together custom database files for use with PSNStuff+ that contains the properly already patched files needed for OFW users. Use these for the games on the latest compatibility list. Everything is tested and working.

    How it works is, when you click the Save Fix button, it will write a .pkg or .rar file containing a .pkg to your computer. No running around trying to find fixes on file hosts. All fixes needed for games in the compatibility list are obtainable in these custom database files.

    A special thanks to all scene contributors who have been a part of supplying and fixing new games since the beginning. It is what makes this database possible.

    Latest OFW Compatibility List:


    List Of New Content For CFW Users:

    This is only a list of content I added to the original PSNDL database when PSNStuff was dead which is now merged into the new alive and kicking PSNStuff+ database. Just keeping for history.


    From Смыч: RAP file for game SEGA Classics - Streets of Rage II I [NPEB00508] is not correct too! Impossible decrypt EBOOT.BIN.

    From Yutolio: All the NPEB Sega Classics .raps are bad. All the NPUB .raps are good though, you can play any of them.

    The entire PSN library has been went through. The list is up to date. It is only updated with any new C00 or non-C00 (.edat game directory unlock) games that are still built with only 4.70 requirements. Anything else is not playable.

    A good example would be Minecraft Story Mode. It is an .edat game directory unlock type of game and would be on the list except it is 4.75 so not playable.

    PS2 Classics are not playable because the ISO.BIN.ENC files are protected and those aren't part of the .edat exploit that the backup injection method uses.

    Only C00's which unlock with an .edat license and non-C00's which unlock with an .edat game file in the game directory.

    If a game has any other protection such as EBOOT, .sprx, .self, it is not playable.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Abadey2020 Guest
    Thank You

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    lonewolf01844 Guest
    Awesome Thank You... Love this site..

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    fabiosat75 Guest
    This method works on 2.51 ofw ps4 ?


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    cibox Guest

    thank you

    some great stuff here thanks

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    MUSASHI19841984 Guest
    Thank you for this stuff...

    I do not understand? what we can do with the ps4 file?

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    relazzi Guest

    Great App

    Awesome app. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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    HASBIHAL Guest
    Awesome news !!!

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    hiruki sasori Guest

    Big Grin

    Quote Originally Posted by MUSASHI19841984 View Post
    Thank you for this stuff...

    I do not understand? what we can do with the ps4 file?
    at the moment nothing... it's for devs... it's not a jailbreak if that's what's you're thinking

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    toxleb213 Guest

    thank you

    ok, will wait.. thank you everyone !

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