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    PS4 Video Player PS4Player Streamer for PlayStation 4 Arrives

    Today PlayStation 4 homebrew developer DVSoftware has made available an open-source PS4 Video Player dubbed PS4Player Video Streamer for the Sony PlayStation 4 followed by some updates with details below.

    Download: PS4Player / GIT

    To quote: Hi all, I just released a PS4 Video Player that can stream videos from your computer over the network. It's still in development phase, but already supports all major formats and subtitles. Best of all, it's open-source!


    Video Streamer for Sony PlayStation 4

    All of this is possible thanks to HTML5 Video support in PlayStation 4 web browser. Keep in mind that it requires a powerful CPU that can encode H264 videos in realtime.

    How to use:

    • Install node.js from nodejs.org
    • Clone/Download this repository
    • Open Terminal App, and enter the folder where You cloned/extracted the files
    • Install required applications and libraries using homebrew (brew.sh)

    [Register or Login to view code]

    • Run npm install to install node.js dependencies
    • Run node server.js to start the application
    • Go to http://[ip of your computer]:8080/ using PlayStation 4 web browser
    • Grab some popcorn and enjoy


    Will be updated later but should be similar to OSX.


    I don't use Windows, patches are welcome.


    Q: I have a 3D (SBS/OU) movie and my subtitles appear stretched, how to fix this?

    A: Use code.google.com/p/sub3dtool/ to convert the subtitle to .ass format which supports 3D subtitles. Built in support for 3D subtitles will be added later.

    Q: My computer can't keep up with encoding speed, is there anything i can do?

    A: Get a faster computer or edit server.js and fiddle with ffmpeg parameters (try changing the preset). A configuration option might be added later.

    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    Takavach Guest
    hi boss long time no see

    thanks for the app.

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    Einstein911 Guest
    It has a problem with mkv x264 codec content

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    Apr 2005

    PS4 Video Streaming: Stream Video from PC to Your PlayStation 4

    Following up on the previous PS4 news, today PlayStation 4 developer creighton shared a new PS4 Video Streaming method that allows users to stream video from your PC to your PlayStation 4 console with details below.

    Download: PS4_Video_Streaming_Update1.zip / PS4_Video_Streaming_Update2.5.zip / rebox.NET.1950.zip / video.NET.0700.RC3.zip

    To quote: PS4 Video Streaming - Stream video from your PC to your PS4

    I built this a couple months ago after getting my PS4 and realizing I couldn't stream anything to it. Decided to clean it up, write some short instructions, and release it for others to use. I've also seen another release elsewhere that is very similar to this, but my hope is that my release provides more information, makes it as easy as possible to accomplish this, and provides a video list/library.

    As of right now, you can only stream videos to your PS4 using the built-in web browser. This is accomplished through an HTML5 video player saved into an webpage on your computer and hosted via a file server. You can then point the PS4's web browser to your computer's file server via LAN IP address and the HTML5 player will stream your video file.

    This release includes everything you need (minus video files) to get this up and running on your computer - it's very easy and fast. The player on the webpage allows for fullscreen, and in my testing I haven't encountered a single issue - it even works flawlessly for high-bitrate 1080p video content.

    As an added bonus, several of my tests have confirmed that the PS4 does not currently have Cinavia protection for content played within its web browser. I must also note that I have not tested streaming over WiFi, however the player buffers the file as it plays (seems the PS4 allows for it to cache 128MB into memory), so if it has trouble playing you can pause it for a minute to allow it to buffer more.

    If someone can record video from their PC and PS4 and wishes to make a video tutorial, that would be great.


    Update 2 / 2.5 Changes:
    • Subtitle support (beta)
    • Automatic fullscreen upon file selection
    • A few code/method improvements
    • [2.5] Subtitles are enabled by default if they are included

    READ ME:

    PS4 Streaming Video - Update 1

    • File container/extension must be mp4
    • Video must be encoded in H264 and audio in AAC

    • MKV files can be quickly remuxed to MP4 using Rebox.NET (link in Tools section)
    • Torrent releases encoded by the YIFY group work perfectly for this (link in Tools section)
    • HFS must be located in the same directory as the included 'filelist.tpl' file
    • Avoid using special characters in your video filenames (ex: apostrophes)

    • Place your videos inside the 'mp4' folder
    • Open 'HFS' (file server used to stream from your PC to PS4)
    • If it's your first time running it, you may have to add a Windows Firewall exception and change the default port
    • Drag and drop the 'mp4' folder and 'index.html' into HFS
    • If HFS asks for a folder type when adding the 'mp4' folder, select 'Real folder'
    • Navigate to the server on the PS4's web browser (ex:
    • Bookmark the page on your PS4 for easy future access
    • Select a video from the list and it will begin playing
    • Click the button on the player to go fullscreen

    • Rebox.NET - mkv -> mp4 - videonet.webspace.virginmedia.com/p_reboxnet.html
    • Video.NET - various -> mp4 - videonet.webspace.virginmedia.com/p_videonet.html

    • HFS - rejetto.com/hfs/
    • Video.js - videojs.com

    Finally, in related PlayStation 4 homebrew news PS4 developer BP9k announced he is experimenting with some decompiled Vudu scripts running sandboxed on PS4 with details below via IRC, as follows:

    [BP9k] MemoryEmergencyCap = 20000000, MemoryComfortCap = 15000000, MemoryMinCap = 5000000, MemoryIncCap = 1000000,
    [BP9k] Standard sanbox mem limits
    [BP9k] MemoryEmergencyCap = 8750000 MemoryComfortCap = 7500000 MemoryMinCap = 5000000 MemoryIncCap = 750000
    [BP9k] Limited memory sandbox
    [eussNL] toying with http://www.mono-project.com/MonoSandbox BP9k ?
    [BP9k] yea
    [eussNL] in case you missed it, several psm mono is listed/mirrored at vitadevwiki.com/index.php?title=Talk:Licensing (below)

    [BP9k] Yea that should help, thanks
    [BP9k] Decompiled vudu scripts running sandboxed on ps4:
    [BP9k] http://pastebin.com/tESnTP6x
    [BP9k] http://pastebin.com/tESnTP6x API
    [BP9k] http://pastebin.com/wgdSVGQm User interface
    [BP9k] http://pastebin.com/s9wuDf4s Device Recognition/Settings

    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    kalberto Guest
    is there a video, that's show us, that tools streamer is working ?

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    jay12345 Guest
    Looks interesting!

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