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    joaops Guest

    PS4 Russian JailBreak Method - How to Unlock the PlayStation 4 NOR Chip

    Following the PS4 JailBreak Brazilian Method and PS4 Flash Dumping guide, today P. Nicolas Freires (aka nicolasfreires) Tweeted news of a PS4 Russian JailBreak method on how to unlock the PlayStation 4 NOR Chip with details and a PS4 jailbreaking video tutorial below.

    Download: PS4 JailBreak DIY Manual

    From his blog (linked above) roughly translated: PS4 JailBreak Do It Yourself!

    Foreign Galera Maw,

    I did this article after several hours of research and attempts to unlock the PS4, that any "Joe" can do without much knowledge would not be able to unlock and instead use the account with all possible games.

    This is the same method that the maw Galley March 25 and Santa are doing.

    How did I do it a few hours in full Monday, and created the blog to help ALL, I gradually do something decent for you can do on your PS4, a summary guarded the 7 keys for Russian Capiroto.


    Unlock PlayStation 4 Rewriting Flash Memory

    This method does not work on firmware 2.51, and lead to brick console.

    NOTE: If you do not have technical skills or knowledge is a RISK do besides ILLEGAL.

    This procedure is only as are doing such "unlock" and I will not support this type of PIRACY is the responsibility of those who use the article for illegal practices.



    This manual is still in development but will be completed.

    This manual is a translation of the Russian manual I used, so I did the procedure on my PS4:

    What do we need:

    1. Raspberry Pi
    2. MicroSD Memory Card 4GB
    3. PlayStation 4 c MX25L25635FMI-10G memory
    4. Raspbian
    5. Win32 Disk Image
    6. Putty
    7. Welded to the Raspberry Pi Note: The technical part will be available soon.

    Installing Raspbian

    Run win32diskimage

    1 - The "image file" choose the image you downloaded Raspbian.
    2 -. The "device" choose our SD card
    3 - Click "Write" to start the burning process. After the process is inserted into the SD card and the Raspberry Pi connect it to usb cable.

    Don't forget if you are still below PS4 Firmware 2.51 you may want to check out the PS4 PSN Trick to Unlimited Share Games alongside Yutolio's PSNStuff+ PS4 Database. Cheers!

    Update: gomomo11 reports that AlphaHack, who shared the PS4 NOR Chip Dumping Process Documentation and GetIDPS for Mac (used to obtain PS3 IDPS from NOR dump backups) is the original creator of the video in this guide as can be seen below:

    Big props to Alpha Hack on YouTube for this video tutorial as well!

    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    Mikaz Guest
    There is new way to clone games for latest 2.55 fw, but its not public.

    Few shops in brazil, germany, russia already using this method.

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    kevinvai Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Would you mind to tell us more information about how to make it happen with 2.55 please?

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    Mikaz Guest
    Its not for public unfortunately. You can find to buy it from creators, but its expensive. If you do not own your shop or running unlocking business then its not worth it.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have now mainpaged the video tutorial and +Rep joaops and Mikaz!

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    wildboy6666 Guest
    great work but its 10% of 100%

    keep working , we are together

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    kimomaka Guest
    That will be very helpful to make a big PS4 CFW

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    barry683 Guest
    This is AWESOME!!

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    B7U3 C50SS Guest
    Jeeze, Joaops where do you get your news it's always so great! you always seem to be first reporting! haha

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    mildew Guest
    this is bad news for ps4 owners as far as i can see. jailbreaking the ps4 this early in its cycle will turn it into another dreamcast. why would a game company put effort into releasing games for a cracked console?

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