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  1. #11
    DvdXploitr Guest
    I believe this is 100% fake. What is the point of doing something like this and not releasing it?

    Thats like back in the days of being in elementary school and a kid brings a hottest new gadget to school (back in my day, it was a Game Boy) and another kid saying "Oh, I have one of those but its in color... but i'm not going to let you see it"... I wouldn't be surprised if this was a PS3 theme made to look like a PS4...

  2. #12
    boxbundy Guest
    It would simply be a dev console I reckon. He's probably got a sony contract that bars him sharing firmware unless he wants a big fine.

  3. #13
    RedEyeX32 Guest
    This is a developer console showing off Debug Settings. It is not fake btw.

  4. #14
    drphuz Guest
    Look its probably real, I would say they wont release it until OPA can make a dongle first. Lol

  5. #15
    kalberto Guest
    fake 100% sure !

    We all knew the history of SGK

  6. #16
    GopherTee Guest
    You know pal, honestly, if you don't intend to release it ever, then save it for someone who cares. Thanks

  7. #17
    imansaj Guest
    Hisham what happend to ps4 jb?

  8. #18
    Anno1702 Guest

    PS Button BnW PS4 jailbreak works?

    PS4 jailbreak works?

  9. #19
    Knolls Guest

    PS3 Circle Button PS4 jailbreak

    Let's hack this ps4 boys! We got this!

  10. #20
    bignell Guest

    is the ps4 2.0 firmware jailbreakable yet?

    has anyone jailbroke the 2.0 ps4 firmware?

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