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    Good news. I hope that be done.


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    thanks for the news 1st of all.. and 2nd: this guy who got contacted by sony: a big company that put smilies during a talk with a so called "hacker" is just trying to reach the scene and get some glory

    now... 1st i didn't know the jailbreaking "thing" till i read the case of geohot vs sony... before that i was a normal guy who's trying to get the most out of his ps3

    now i won't say much but the ps4 is a bit unreachable in Algeria (my homeland) for now... the moment i get my hands on the PC based processor i assure that there will be a ps4 Multiman

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    You sound very confident. What is your background as regards to hacking?

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    I'm in the same boat. As interested as I would be in having a homebrewed unit, I am just enjoying the system right now.

    I will, however, be very interested in how the ps4 scene develops, as hacking groups release ridiculous hardware dlc that started last gen.

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    The file is removed from the site post another link please !

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    It ended up being fake, which likely explains why the file was removed. On that, I spose it's time to close this old thread up

Closed Thread
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