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  1. #11
    HASBIHAL Guest
    I hope no fake

  2. #12
    kalberto Guest
    here my proof that Reckz0r was a FAKER !!

    it's 100% fake, because he was only upload to one host only depositfiles.com !

    if it's not fake, he'll upload into multihost !!

    also his twitter was blank: twitter.com/xs4nd3r

    I found the history of Reckz0r, he was a BRANDED faker: soldierx.com/hdb/Reckz0r

    Reckz0r said in his twitter, that he had DM from playstation AND I count the chars in message on playstation was more over 140 !!!!!

    here I tried to write the DM playstation, but that's not enough chars !!!!

    all it's FAKE, xs4nd3r was Reckz0r !!

  3. #13
    firplay Guest
    sure fake if it not fake add mirror of download links i will test than

  4. #14
    niwakun Guest
    Not really surprised about this, even if this were fake, sooner or later PS4 will be hacked. Why? Simple, Linux is Hackers playground, plus its x86 which is has known vulnerabilities since last 5 decades (exploits that are hardware based).

  5. #15
    riven4300 Guest
    kinda talking like mileycyrus.

  6. #16
    technodon Guest

    Roll Eyes PS4 Help.

    My PS4 is stuck in factory service mode. help

  7. #17
    Siggy12 Guest
    New trophy taken.... !!!!!!

    Biggest fake of the year !!!!!!!!

  8. #18
    Sostanco Guest
    ahahah really a funny stuff

  9. #19
    drphuz Guest
    Fake. 100% fake. Verified fake until the internet is proven otherwise. Might as well bring out Big Foot or Roswell pictures before posting pics of a fake GUI.

    You sir have joined the ranks of Demonhades.

  10. #20
    sikkwidditt Guest
    wow too good to be true!

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