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    Apr 2005

    PS4 Flash Dumping / Unlocking Method to JailBreak the PlayStation 4 Guide

    Following the PS4 PSN Gamesharing Trick and PS4 JailBreaking FAQ, today Cap. Arcanjohack shared a PS4 Flash Dumping / Unlocking Method to JailBreak the PlayStation 4 with details below.

    To quote, roughly translated: Tutorial Re-recording the PS4 Flash to Unlock

    This method is reported to brick PS4's on 2.51 Firmware. Not responsible for ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR PS4, do any procedure below for your OWN RISK! Only provide the tutorial, we are not suppliers!

    Materials Needed:

    Note: The technical part of the connection will publish soon.


    Installing Raspbian
    • Turn the win32diskimage

    1 - In "Image file" select the image Raspbian that you downloaded.
    2 - In "Device" select the drive that is your SD card.
    3 - Click on "Write" to start the recording process.

    After finishing the process, put the SD card into the Raspberry Pi and connect it using a USB cable.
    • Remote Shell in Raspbian
    • Two minutes after starting the Raspberry Pi, turn the Putty.

    1 - In the Host Name put: raspberrypi. If you do not work correctly, go to the settings of your router, and find the IP of the Raspberry Pi.
    2 - Select SSH
    3 - Select Open

    Installing the application

    He will request the login place "pi" to the user and "raspberry" for the password.

    Note: For additional information about JaiCraB's developments, refer to JaiSpiMod: JaiSpiMod.hex for Teensy++ 2.0 PS4 Development by JaiCraB and JAISPI V1.0 Arrives, Read / Write PS4 MX25L25635 Memory by JaiCraB.

    Enter the following commands:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Full installation. Place Putty to access the Raspberry Pi. To run the command jaispi you will have to ask root access (sudo -s)

    [Register or Login to view code]


    [Register or Login to view code]

    Get the ID: -i: Displays information about the flash.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Reading: -r: Makes a full dump of the flash (It takes about 35 sec)

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Delete: -e: Clean all the flash (It takes around 1min 30sec and)

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Record: -p: Records in flash only the sectors with change (It takes around 1min 30sec and)

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Check: -v: Compares the flash content to file (It takes around 35seg)

    [Register or Login to view code]

    How to Backup Games PlayStation 4 - Update 2.50 PS4 Video:

    Finally, from ed89: It seems the PS4 infinite Account sharing method is leaked too if its true... (I dont know if its work I dont even have a PS4)

    Just some facts they may be inaccurate... only SAA Motherboards are supported (SAB will Brick BLoD)

    All you need is 2 HDD's, a Raspberry Pi + sd memory or a teensy board, a soldering iron and some soldering skills, technical knowledge and time to understand everything.

    I dont want to go into detail (PS4 NOR Dump - psdevwiki.com/ps4/JAISPI) the difference to the already patched method in OFW 2.50 is: you have to do the same steps (activate, deactivate profiles, dump NOR...) but also use 2 HDDs in this progress.

    Yes its just a game (infinite) share exploit they cant use PSN anyways I think (without get banned and deactivated?)

    The trick is if you have done everything (like the shops in Brasil) is the PS4 believes that the main account is still activated as a primary account (although it is already deactivated this is the reason to dump and flash NOR again) without loosing one of the three official PSN Game Share methods limit!

    Which will allow the new user to continue to use all games, this method can be repeated on many PS4 consoles with games from only one account.

    The sad thing is how can somebody be so brash to make (a lot of) money with so a simple and unsecure method... (sorry for my bad grammar).

    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    pizzamann Guest
    Does this Brick 2.51 Consoles? If i remember right, it was said, that the glitch they used in Brazil, was fixed in 2.50 and bricks the console in 2.51.

    If so, does it also brick, if you only read the Flash and don't try to modify it?

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    rodrigues22 Guest
    but the post only shows how to dump the macronix

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    joaops Guest
    Congratulations Ps4 news, wait games in Hd external!!!!

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    Apr 2005


    According to reports from others I believe it does, so only for 2.50 or below... as for just reading the PS4 flash I'm not certain but don't think it would cause any damage unless you attempt to write to it.

    A person with some first-hand experience who may know for sure is racer0018 as he has already done some PlayStation 4 experimenting HERE.

    Also from what I can tell (via Google Translate) this guide is only Part 1 and more will follow on the technical aspects not yet covered... time will tell

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    southbond Guest
    Well now I'm deff getting a PS4. I have a great A01 fatboy modded to high heaven which I installed a smaller power supply and 19 blade fan plus i re heat synced the 3 different hot spots. So its kinda like my PS-3.5, and now that it plays ps1 & 2 backups this machine is God. Worth every penny...

    But with more and more news about a jail break for the PS4.. It is time to invest in one. People might wanna get one now before SONY catches up and trys to figure out how to block all this shit. Just like PS3 with first 3.41 then 3.55 were the farthest update you could go and still be hackable..

    Get out there ladys and gents, get the PS4 while you possibly can still mod/jailbreak it.

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    rodrigues22 Guest
    the method really works , i've tested in 2.51 and the console work fine.

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    goncalodoom Guest
    This only allows you to clone a PS4 to another PS4... so no jailbreak at all LOL no keys or anything related and will be patched in the next update.

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    Madman432532 Guest
    It seems laborious but if it works it is definetly worth it. I definetly need this to work im tired of getting password

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    HASBIHAL Guest
    Is this safe ? thanks guys !!!

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