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    mateov Guest

    Red Face PS4 dump cheap programmer

    Hi I used to write about the ability to read and modify the dump and decided to show you how to read the dump using a low-cost programmer for 3$.

    My desoldering memory:


    My memory soldered on the stand to the programmer:


    My memory programmer and attached to a pc:


    The read and write memory dump:



    Memory reading takes about 2 minutes record of about six minutes should also be aware of the hidden area to be read to be in the program options to enable her show talking about the area SECURED OTP.

    Dump, of course, can be modified and saved in the eeprom. To read and write, you can also use the finished clip to pull out the memory

    Teensy does not complete dump




    Few people know about the secured area is also still not established downgrade.

    The protected area is a decryption key Dump. I'm sure no one has done a full dump besides Me I'm first. i cant show you my dump which Secured OTP because i used my ps4 to play games and I do not want someone pulled my IDPS and MAC Address. When i find damaged ps4 i send full dump with secured otp, maybe something will start after my post

    Image show dump another Forum member made with a teensy

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    Apr 2005
    Cheers for sharing this mateov, this forum is really just an archive these days so I would recommend posting it on the new site www.psxhax.com where everyone moved to.

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    mateov Guest
    i cant open new post in the https://www.psxhax.com/

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I checked your account there and everything appears normal. Did you include a link to a URL or image when trying?

    New members there (with no posts) have to make 1 post and receive 1 'like' (such as an introduction or reply to another thread) before they can use links which may be the issue I'm thinking.

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