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    I'm not surprised, people can do anything when they put their collective mind (s) together

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    contact i can tell you where to get one

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    Considering that the disc is basically just the digital PSN package on a disc it doesn't surprise me the dumping is easy. I don't think dumping is gonna lead us to a useful hack. Frankly I don't think Sony is going to put much time into the discs and is concentrating on the console hardware/software.

    As we all know from the XBOX 360 the disc drive is basically the weakest link in the chain usually. Besides only the pirates care about playing free games. The real enthusiasts are here for running their own code and homebrew.

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    Actually, not a big news.

    "PC's BDR can read and dump PS4 discs". So what? Same thing happened to ps3 - we had an ability to dump ps3 isos nearly from the launch day. And what did it lead to? Nothing. These isos were unplayable (were encrypted) and the ps3 scene went to the completely other direction.

    I'm not being sceptical, but please, keep your hopes straight. There's no use of dumping bdrs of ps4 as long as they encrypted - finding private key can take thousand years.

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    Before powering up the unit for first time, make a 1:1 dump of the HDD (used HDD Raw Copy Tool) to compress the image as it is built.

    Disk HGST HTS 545050A7E380 configured as gpt disk

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    The result is a few gigs "*.imgc" file (compressed, gzipped maybe?), compatible with r-image. I am not sure you can decompress with 7zip but you can with "HDD Raw Copy Tool".

    You can then convert the resulting img file (500GB then) into a variable size vdi with the following command if virtualbox is installed: "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage" convertfromraw -format image.img image.vdi -variant Standard

    It would be best to use a format that is usable in virtual machines (virtualbox, VMware Player, ESX) that is compressed/dynamic so you do not need 500gb free, so a dynamic vdi file make sense. I will try to see what happens when you run a x86-64 vm with 8gb ram with the given disk image as the Playstation OS (Orbit) is based on FreeBSD 9.0. Anybody know how to share few gigs file here ?

    CPU: 8 core 8 threads 1.6ghz (max OC range of 2.75ghz) with 2 x 2 MB shared L2 cache, 28nm manufacturing process
    Ram: 8GB GDDR5 5500 MHz 256-bit with system Memory Bandwidth: 176.0 GB/s
    HDD: HGST HTS 545050A7E380 7mm 500gb single platter (636 Gbit/sq. in.), Sata 2 (3Gbps), Advanced Format (4k sectors), 5400rpm, 8MB cache, Weight: 95, Latency (average): 5.5 ms, Seek Time (average/typical read): 13 ms,
    Power consumption (W): Startup peak (max): 4.5, Seek (average): 1.8, Read/Write (average): 1.6, Performance Idle (average): 1.5, Active Idle (average): 0.8, Low Power Idle (average): 0.55, Standby (average): 0.2, Sleep: 0.1
    Graphics: AMD's A8-3850 APU and Radeon HD 7670 discrete graphics (AMD's Jaguar APU technology AMD R10xx ??)

    Dev kit:

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    Hope they manage to do a CFW so it will give me a reason to start saving.

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    anyone has found a way for dump files from pkg files? I want to take a look at the files from killzone, specifically the graphic files...

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    someone know if exist cfw for ps4?

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