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    BiteYourPlayer v1.0 Beta PS4 Media Player HTML Mod is Released

    Following up on How to Play Media Files on Your PS4 by $n!pR, today Italian PlayStation 4 developers BiteYourConsole have created BiteYourPlayer v1.0 Beta which is a PS4 Media Player HTML Mod with details below.

    Download: hfs.rar (Http File Server v2.2f - no setup) / BiteYourPlayer.rar / BiteYourPlayer.zip (Mirror)

    To quote, roughly translated: The new PlayStation 4 is equipped with a web browser from all over, maybe one of the fastest on a console from the living room, and so that BiteYourConsole jumped at the potential offered by a language such as HTML5.

    With a speech of this magnitude we were able to make a simple but potential movie player in mp4 format (format commonly used for watching movies via smartphone and PlayStation Portable).

    To run the application needs a Http Server, we have chosen HTTP File Server (HFS) that once started will allow us to be able to watch our video from any device connected to our Wi-Fi network.


    Download the portable version of the HFS program, run it and drag the contents of the file into the window Biteyourplayer.rar Virtual File System.

    To be able to watch a movie on the PlayStation 4 via the Web browser does not have to do is drag the movie to the video folder, the files will have the mp4 format and must be renamed to PS4.

    After the configuration, there is nothing left to start the server and log on with the IP of your console through the browser (eg / index.html).

    Thanks to $n!PR for the idea and Michael Varaquez for having edited the html code.

    Finally, below is a How To Play Your Personal Music Collection On PS4 video guide from GregoryRasputinHaX as follows:

    I know a lot of people wont want to be bothered with this, but take the type of situation, where you only have one PC in your house and it is used by the entire family, say someone wants to use that computer, while you want to listen some music, this would be an ideal situation, here is the tutorial or guide on how to do it:


    Play Your Media Files on PS4 via the Web Server Tutorial by alexrivera

    1. Download the archive containing the pack of all what you need here: https://www.mediafire.com/?x8wtkdgxt1whlhj
    2. Unzip the “BiteYourPlayer.zip” with a program like 7-Zip or winrar.
    3. Open the “BiteYourPlayer” folder.
    4. Launch the application “hfs.exe.”
    5. Accept by clicking “yes” when the new firewall window appears.
    6. “HTTP File Server 2.2f” should be running properly now.
    7. Right-click the house icon and select “Add files …”.
    8. Select the file “index.html”, “player.jpg”, “termini.png” from the pack you downloaded and extracted before and click “Open”.
    9. The files should appear in the home folder displayed by the software tree.
    10. Right-click the house icon and select “Add folder from disk …”.
    11. Select the “video” folder and click “OK”.
    12. Select the “Real Folder” option when the software asks you “what kind of folder do you want”.
    13. The “video” folder should appear in the tree displayed by the software.
    14. Put your video in MP4 format in the “video” folder in your “BiteYourPlayer” folder and select it.
    15. Rename your video previously selected to “ps4.mp4″.
    16. Back on the interface of HFS (HTTP File Server) software, right-click on the “video” folder and click “Add files...”.
    17. Select the video you renamed to “ps4.mp4″ and click “Open.”
    18. Your video file to MP4 format “ps4.mp4″ should appear in the tree displayed by the software.
    19. Click on the file “ps4.mp4″ and you will see its path appear at the upper side of the software. Take note of it (for example :
    20. You can now open the PS4 browser and write the correct path and you will be able to read your multimedia file on your PS4 web browser.

    Finally, here is a PS4 Media Server: How to Stream Videos from Local Network to PS4 tutorial from Wololo for those interested in using Plex Media Server instead.

    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    Nice temporary solution for those with no alternative. This will ultimately be useless if DLNA playback is indeed being worked on. Hopefully this is the case.

    A little off topic, but with no Flash support the browser still feels incredibly crippled. Flash is still very heavily used, especially for media on the web. I'm really disappointed in Adobe for not continuing support for it on non PC devices.

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    StanSmith Guest
    If its just a media server for MP4 movies then there are thousands of them all for different systems.

    Even my NAS has a built in server that works great on the WiiU and I guess it'll work the same for the PS4. It works on the PS3 so I cant see why it wont work on the PS4.

    It doesn't work on the Vita or 3DS as they doesn't support MP4 in the browser.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    You're missing the point here - PS4 doesn't play ANY kaind of media (music or video or pictures) from USB drives, DVDs / BDs or via network from DLNA sources hence this trick to play it via web browser.

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    DemonoidMaster Guest

    PS4 Media Server: How to Stream Videos from Local Network to PS4

    Actually, you CAN play BD movies on the PS4 (tried with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World)

    PS4 Media Server: How to Stream Videos from Local Network to PS4 by Wololo

    The PS4 has a very limited support for local media files. Actually, last time I checked, local media files support was completely non-existent: The PS4 is compatible with apps such as Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, but does not have much support for local files.

    There are however ways to stream video content from your PC to your PS4, and provided you have a reasonable PC and a decent local network, you’ll have no problem streaming locally 1080p movies to your PS4 as well. What this means is you can access your entire library of movies from your couch.

    People are regularly asking about the possibility to stream local content to the PS4 through a PS4 compatible media server. Doing so is actually extremely simple and is free, thanks to the PLEX media server and the power of HTML5.

    The trick is that we will be streaming videos in the PS4 browser, in full screen, through HTML5. People usually have concerns about streaming through HTML5, but the technology is now on par with what’s possible with a native app, and in my tests the streaming was basically as good as (if not better than) watching an HD video on Netflix.

    As an added bonus, PLEX does not give you only access to your local files, it also has access to other video channels.

    The setup is reasonably easy. It basically consists in installing the free plex media server on your PC, Adding your video folders to it, then accessing its web interface through the PS4’s web browser.

    1. (On your PC) Download and install Plex Media Server

    Plex Media Server is free and can be downloaded here: https://plex.tv/downloads

    Install and run it. On windows, you should see a new icon in your task bar, telling you that Plex media server is running.

    2. (On your PC) Add videos to your Plex library

    Go to on your web browser. The PLEX interface should show up.

    Troubleshooting: if the Plex interface does not show up when you type in your browser, make sure the Plex Media server is running on your PC. On Windows, You should be seeing the PLEX Media server icon in your toolbar. More details on the PLEX Help pages: https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/art...er-Connections

    To add your local movies to the Plex library, click on the “+” symbol in the left side Menu of the page, (above “Channels”). This will open the UI to add a new folder. You can then select a folder on your hard drive and Plex will process it.

    In order to get the best of Plex, you should follow the XBMC naming conventions for your movies. It’s a pain to do the first time you do it, but I can guarantee this will make your life easier as most Movie managers use these conventions.

    Once this is done and to make sure things are working correctly, go ahead and try to play one of your movies locally in your PC browser from the Plex interface.

    3. (On your PS4) Access Plex on your PS4 and configure it

    Fire up your PS4 and run your browser. For this step you’ll need to know your computer’s local IP address. Typically this will be something like On windows you can get this information by opening a command line and typing “ipconfig”.

    Run the PS4 browser and type your IP address followed by “:32400/web”. For example: The Plex interface should appear on your PS4 screen.

    Tip: it is easier to test that everything works correctly with a computer first. For example borrow one of your family members’ computer and make sure you can access your Plex Media server from the local network. Once you get it working with computers on your network, you shouldn’t have any issues doing it with your PS4.

    Important configuration step: since the PS4 1.70 update, some video format compatibility got broken on the PS4. In order to get videos to work, you need to change a few parameters. In particular, you need to force AAC Audio. This is done by going to Settings > Web > Player > Show Advanced > Prefer AAC Audio. It’s important to note that you need to enable this setting from the PS4. Setting it from any other client machine will just apply the setting for that specific client, not for your PS4.

    A typical symptom if you don’t do the configuration change above in Plex is that on your PS4, playing the video will constantly be showing the “buffering” animation and never start the movie.

    Note: the tip above might not work with all movie files. If you run into non_working files, the only known solution for now is to re-encode your movies locally in MP4 and enabling the “optimize for web viewing” setting, for example using Handbrake. I personally have yet to find a single movie that doesn’t work for me with the “AAC” setting though.

    4. Enjoy!

    Assuming you can access your local Plex url from your PS4’s browser as explained, and that you did the configuration change above, you should be able to start streaming movies from your computer to your PS4. Press square on your PS4 remote for fullscreen, and enjoy your movies!

    With my mid-range laptop computer, I am able to stream 1080p movies to my PS4 without any lag, so I believe this solution will work fine for most people.

    Tip: A LAN connection on both your PC and your PS4 will give much better results than Wifi for streaming movies!

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    Sostanco Guest
    ps4 can read DVD video too but not CD

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    Natepig Guest
    Its such a shame this is required to play media. I had hoped for all the ps3 media capabilities to carry over to the ps4, with a lot of improvements to boot.

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    scarfaceguns Guest
    is it possible to modify the code to make it play side by side 3D mode? basically playing the same file twice side by side to eachother in the one window

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    waddon1 Guest
    cool, this has helped a lot

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