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    PS4 Mod with 2 TB External SSHD Drive, Better / Cooler Performance

    Following up on How to Swap In / Upgrade a PS4 HDD, today Paul Statham (aka Placebo) shared how to modify the PS4 to run with a 2 TB External SSHD drive, which he claims boosts better and cooler performance.

    To quote: "Paul Statham, who also happens to be Community and PR Manager at ARMA III Developer Bohemia Interactive, is one of those gamers, and decided that the tiny 500 GB 2.5″ HDD provided with the PS4 wasn’t enough for his taste, so he set out to replace it with a massive 3.5″ 2 TB Solid State Hybrid drive.

    You’re probably asking yourself: “How the hell did he fit that in the console? It’s too big.” And in fact he didn’t. He purchased a few spare parts and actually mounted the drive externally, thanks to creativity and a bit of technical knowledge.

    Modifying the console like that has a few advantages: first of all 3.5″ drives have a cheaper cost per gigabyte than 2.5″ ones, and the SSHD offered also provides better performance.

    The issue is that the internal power source of the PS4 doesn’t have enough juice to run such a giant, so Paul had to actually include an external power source (just for the hard drive) with his creation. That actually gave a further advantage, as according to our bold modder it lets the system run slightly cooler since the internal power source has to draw less power and there isn’t a warm HDD inside.

    Below you can see a gallery with the finished modification, that didn’t “harm” the PS4 at all, thus not voiding the warranty. If you want to try this at home (but remember that we or Paul can’t claim responsibility if you fail horribly and destroy your console in the process, so proceed with caution and only if you know what you’re doing) you can also find a list of the parts Paul used and the order in which they’re connected here:

    Surprisingly the AV receiver doesn't get very hot at all, I have a thermometer sat next to the PS4 on top of the AV receiver right now and it's showing 30c despite being in the middle of a Fifa session.

    A female to male SATA cable can also be used instead of the gender changer, but according to Paul his option provides a more secure fit. You don't necessarily need the gender changer, you can get by simply with the female to male SATA cable: picco.nl/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/2214

    The problem I found was that pushing that cable directly into the PS4 it was very loose, so with having both the gender changer and the female-male sata cable I was able to secure the cable into the gender changer with a little electricians tape and then the gender changer because it also goes into the sata power slot of the PS4 it holds a little better, then I secure the cable with a small plastic zip tie to the metal frame which adds that final layer of security

    In theory you could secure the cable the same way directly into the PS4 without a gender changer. I had ordered both a male-female SATA cable and a gender changer at the exact same time one from Ireland and one from Sweden as I wasn't sure which would arrive first!

    One thing to be aware of, changing to an external 3.5" hard drive powered externally means that your PS4 can't be set to stand by anymore (apparently this is an issue with some internal replacement drives as well), personally I wasn't too fussed about this as I didn't want to leave it constantly in stand by anyway and I have other means of charging the controllers

    Unfortunately the modification seems to have a drawback, as it won’t allow you to set the PS4 in stand-by mode, but nothing is perfect. Ultimately this is definitely a clever way to make the impossible possible (at least a little bit), and isn’t that what Sony’s philosophy is all about?"

    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    Apr 2005
    More pics for the main article above...

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    elser1 Guest
    that's great, but i'm not messing up my ps4 as I know id stuff it up.. lol

    I don't even use stand by mode so I may at least have a look at this. great stuff.. thanks!!

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    hey69 Guest

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Not really much of "mod" as per se - just plugging the external HDD with separate power supply - nothing new under the sun - I've had the same "mod" with PS3 ages ago. For now I've slapped 1 TB 2.5" hard drive in PS4 and the whole console is anyway just collecting dust sitting next to my PS3 ...

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    niwakun Guest
    same thing with PS3 plugging a 3.5inch drive by using a Male-Female SATA cable.

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    Tek9 Guest
    Looks great

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    Sostanco Guest
    good news, and interesting thing. Thanks

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    moja Guest
    I was thinking along the same lines. Still pretty neat to see I guess from a nerd perspective.

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    Transient Guest
    This is the first thing I did with my 60GB launch PS3 and ran it that way up until it died. I ended up with 1TB of games that I never played.

    This time around, I'm planning to stick with the 500GB HDD and just prune out old and unused games as I go. All the games can be redownloaded anyway via the Download List (which admittedly sucks) or more conveniently via the web version of the Store (and have it send it to your PS4).

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