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    How to Control Your PS4 Using the TV Remote Control Guide

    Below is a guide from kingplay on how to control your PS4 using the TV remote control for those interested, as follows:

    To quote: How to Control Your PS4 Using the TV Remote Control Guide

    In order to watch a movie or anything in PS4 you probably prefer using a remote control rather than a DualShock4 to control movie playback and to launch the console, but no new official device is available to do this.

    Fortunately, there is a solution for this. I will teach you through this tutorial how to use a remote control on your PS4. I will give you the procedure with a Samsung TV.

    Note: Your TV must be compatible with HDMI-CEC option, to know if this is the case, look in the manual, or search in the menus of your TV.

    The first thing to do is to activate the option in the system of the PlayStation 4.
    • To do this, go to the Settings menu.
    • Then, go to the System menu at the bottom.
    • And then you must check the box "Activate device HDMI link".
    • Now in the menu on your TV, you must go to the HDMI-CEC related menu. On a Samsung, it is in the application menu, and then in Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC).
    • Go to the Configuration menu.
    • Turn the HDMI-CEC option to ON.
    • Return to the previous menu, and go to Device List.
    • PlayStation 4 should now appear in the list, select it and you can comfortably use your TV remote to navigate the menus of the PS4, and to play your media files.


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    Switchy Guest
    Damn. That is really helpful. Saves having to use the controller.

    Thanks for This.

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