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    XBox 360 PS3 Theme

    This is a PS3 theme! NOT an XBOX 360 theme.

    Theme comes with real XBOX 360 sound effects. Video preview and download below!

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    nice one sir... thanks

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    not a good one

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    Jun 2013
    Why would you want a filthy Xbox theme on PS3! Meh. I'll try it anyhow

    Very nice theme! Although the green is a bit too strong for my eyes

    And the sounds kind of annoy me because they sound like they echo a few time between swapping icons. And the white at the bottom interferes with some texts

    Anyhow, amazing theme! Hope to see more from you soon!

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    Doesn't sounds too good. XBox theme in ps3

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    well I should try it

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    wow thanx, what about gears of war 3 theme?

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    Thanks. It could be a good theme for youtube videos

    thanks Bro

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    that can be a good theme for the ps3 for sure

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