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    Not so many dynamic themes so far, but it's still early days

    Hopefully soon there will be more dynamic themes to choose from. Here's hoping for a Killzone 2 theme

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    Maybe I'm just really cheap, but spending $2.99 on a theme seems like a waste of money too me. They don't even give you a preview option.

    Here's hoping for more free dynamic themes or a way to make our own...

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    i started making the tutorial and even has all the pictures formated and stuff highlighted and writing out the explanation, and i came across this video and its a much better job check it out if you need help.

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    thx for the video guide jul644, very useful!

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    Thanks for the image showing the link to the AFRIKA theme.

    This must be the first time i've used my jp account in 2 years. Hopefully we will see a few more interesting free ones, i grudge paying for a background even if it is a fancy animated one.

    Has sony released a tool to allow people to make their own animated themes yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by reno5gtt View Post
    Has sony released a tool to allow people to make their own animated themes yet?
    Devs only, as i keep telling people =\ the themes are quite dynamic too *you can control things like time which affects the theme in all but the free one* so there's more to it than meets the eye.


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