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    Video: New PS3 Dynamic Themes for 2010 Are Showcased

    Yesterday we posted a PlayStation 3 Guide on creating PS3 Themes, and today kqgaming has shared a video showcasing a few new Dynamic PS3 Themes for 2010.

    Previously we made available videos on WipEout HD Fury, Motorstorm and High Velocity Bowling, Demon's Souls, Flower, and Afrika and LittleBigPlanet, with today's videos covering The Clock, PSN Plus and Shark Week Dynamic PS3 Themes which are currently available on the PlayStation Network Store.

    Those interested can check out the video below via YouTube. Enjoy!

    Video: New PS3 Dynamic Themes for 2010 Are Showcased

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    They're kind of cool except for the stupid PlayStation Plus Logo in the corner...

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    The first , with the clock seems very nice for me

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    cool themes !!!

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    cool themes!

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    thanks loves it

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