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    Hmm... yeah... I can see it now... Headlines on PS3News and elsewhere... HACKERS DISSAPPEAR AFTER SEXY CHRISTMAS THEME

    After a recent post by PS3News, the scene got dramatically quieter. It seems as if wives and girlfriends stuck together and took action when seeing new Christmas material popping up on TV's world wide.

    $ony's new media liason, Mr I.M.A. Noob, has responded with "We always knew that we will get back what these hackers took away from us. We couldn't be happier. For the first time in 10 years, we are considering giving our staff a break and let them go home for Christmas. We might be opening the doors for the staff to go home on the 24th, but this is not official yet.

    We need to know if this is not just a ploy from hackers to lower our guards for them to put the final nail in our coffin. Great theme though - pity we do not have the expertise to accomplish the same."

    Mr I.M.A Noob got escorted from the premises shortly after the statement. But speculation continues, with the incredible increase of visitors and members on the PS3News site since August 2010, it might even be that the moderators are tired and in need of some desperate rest after long hours for months and being deprived from resting!

    Both CJPC and PS3 News were asked to comment, but nothing yet. When trying to contact senior members, a lot were missing and some others declined to comment. Those that were brave enough to comment, said they might be selling their PS3's or even worse, upgrade to FW 3.55. It has to be mentioned that their wives and girlfriends were not present as all of them asked to comment in at a secluded safe venue.

    Siptang, a registered user commented as follow: 'My wife almost killed me looking at this though'. He was on of the lucky ones.

    So guys, for the love of everything that is moist and fuzzy, please be warned that this theme might not be safe for your health!!

    Stay tuned for more PS3News ... if you dare. HEHE ... great theme and on this note, thanks for a great year of hard work by yourself, CJPC and the moderators and for keeping the site as great as it is!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mbb View Post
    Indeed , didn't know this myself. i'm only a member since january this year and I thought there are hundreds of new member/visitors since the jailbreak arrived who also wants a nice sexy christmas theme that they missed 3 years ago, so bumping helps sometimes
    thank you for your kind thought sir

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    Why thank you. I was looking for a another good Christmas theme.. I was sticking with my Statler & Waldorf Muppets christmas carol one...

    For Christmas Sake... But this one is much better, thanks again.

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    Damn fine women. My wife would like it. LOL Yummy vanilla.

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    This looks great! Well, santa baby...

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    Anyone have something similar with brunettes?

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    Wow i made that theme along time ago, i am glad it's still around.

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    Hey guys. I've got a head scratcher for you. I've got a Kiosk PS3 running 3.50. When I insert my thumb drive with the theme that I want on it and turn my machine on I can see the "Theme" choice under Settings...

    But... When I enter the unlock code to get the machine out of Demo mode the Theme setting goes away. It just disappears. I can't go into it while in Demo mode either.

    Any suggestions?

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    i'm liking this one, cheers

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    oh my, this is real nice theme to my ps3.. big thx bro


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