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    Scarface #2 PS3 Theme

    Scarface #2 PS3 Theme is attached below, with preview!
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    scarface_no2.png   scarface_no2.jpg   scarface_no2a.jpg  
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    tony montana is in our ps3 systems!!!!

    by the way good one!!! thanks a lot!

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    Looks quite nice.. good job!!

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    Finally! Ive been wanting a Tony Montana theme.. its just the Miami in me I guess.

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    This is a pretty sweet scarface theme (I always tell the truth even when I lie.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3News View Post
    is attached below, with preview!
    Thank you a lot!

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    i love it, thanks for the nice theme

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    this is sweet.. scarface on the ps3 console!


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    Thanks a lot for this one!

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    Thank you very much. Really like this one.

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