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    Day of the tentacle

    Day of the tentacle please...

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    Buffalo Bills
    Buffalo Sabres would be great

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    A Kamikaze theme. If someone would like to do it. Im looking for guns, knife, swords, grenades stuff like that for the icons. Then like a guy with a bomb strapped on his chess for the BG or something like that? Thanks for anyone who trys it!

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    I really want a UFC Theme, I tried to make one myslef but it just don't turn out pretty.

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    Die Hard Bear Fan

    how about a Chicago bears theme

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    Could you guys make a jeremy mcgrath theme for me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rican199 View Post
    how about a Chicago bears theme
    Check here:

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    Feb 2008
    hey guys could anyone do one of the new jumper moive ive bin trying to make em its so hard but i will get there in the end


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    Please Mortal Kombat theme, thanks in advance

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    Can I request a Volvo theme please, PS3news?

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