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    Quote Originally Posted by noobyboy View Post
    hey do you have more dynamic themes?
    Those are all the ones I currently found. Will update if I come across any other ones
    Quote Originally Posted by JustPs3 View Post
    Have tried the way you are talking about and i canīt get any off them too work.. do i need too have my ps3 jb when i install the themes?
    For the .P3T themes; No.
    For the .PKG themes; Yes.

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    Hey man,

    Thanks for sharing dude, but I have one small problem though, I have tried to download it several times but it keeps cutting me off, I can`t download the whole thing, I have tried downloading it with Internet Explorer, Firefox and a download accelerator but they all do the same Any help would be very much appreciated

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    thanks for the themes

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    Contact one of the admins or moderators about the problem. Or just try again a bit later.

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    Thanks man I tried downloading it again and it worked this time for some reason, don`t know why but i`m not complaining

    But I only got the p3t themes to work and only the motorstorm theme of all the .pkg themes work, the rest show "corrupted data" do you have any idea why man? Am I doing something wrong? I installed the .pkg themes just like I would install a new manager, using "install package files"

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    Yea I don't know why the .PKG themes get corrupt. Certain themes work on certain PS3s for some reason...

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    I see man, guess it`s just one of those things. Thanks again for sharing these themes man, I have been looking for some dynamic themes for a while now, thanks man, I really appreciate it.

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    thanks for sharing

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    has anyone got ant others or no where to get dynamic themes ? thanks for sharing!

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    added +1 for you.

    Thanks a lot!

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