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    Pole Dancing Babe Animated PS3 Theme

    Pole Dancing Babe Animated Theme
    By: Mr. Shizzy

    Works on ANY PS3 system. No hacking required.

    1. save .P3T theme file to a SDCard or a USB Device (FAT32 formatted)
    2. make a folder in the Device or Card called “PS3"
    3. make a folder in the PS3 folder called “THEME” (ALL CAPS REQUIRED)
    4. put the .P3T theme file into the THEME folder
    5. put into your ps3
    6. go to THEME SETTINGS under SETTINGS column main menu
    7. click install
    8. click the memory card or USB device
    9. Install your new theme
    10. Go back into THEME SETTINGS and apply the new theme
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    nice work

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    looks good nice work

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    just got it

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    nice work

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    thank you sir, looking good

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    Jun 2013

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    Thanks bro greetings.

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    awesome works

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    Nice Work!

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