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    thanks for this theme.

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    Jun 2009

    Thumbs Up nice n cool

    thanks a lot for the effort put into this theme, i like the dark background as it makes it easy to read what the writing says when your going through your stuff XD

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    Looks sweet, keep them coming. I like this one

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    awesome theme man! i tried it out and i love how simple it is, and looks awesome on my 72'' tv!

    keep up the excellent work.

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    Multiple BG's

    Great theme. How do i edit using the utility and add different backgrounds. If i were to change the bg color of the original wallpaper and make it a slides?

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    I like this.. I'll take it.

    thanks for Theme

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    Aug 2009

    Thumbs Up

    Simple and clear theme. Look nice.

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    Aug 2009

    very good

    this thing is exciting.. my new theme! it's the best, very cool.

    thanks for it

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    Sep 2009
    OMG ... this is a cool theme!!! good job dude!

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    Mar 2009
    thanks for the PS3 Theme!

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