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    Mortal Kombat Dynamic PS3 Theme

    Mortal Kombat Dynamic PS3 Theme

    Works on ANY PS3 system. Just download and install as you would any other theme.

    I highly recommend setting background brightness to -2 in THEME SETTINGS to make sub-icons easy to see

    Features multiple animations:
    • Scorpion's spear moves
    • Subzero's iceball swirls
    • Fire & Smoke in background



    Theme by: Mr. Shizzy
    Icons by: yogosan
    Tools and Info for Dynamic Themes: Glowball, Faxtron, and UltraMagnetic
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Wow that looks sweet. Brings me back to when MK 2 came out on SNES. Well done!

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    will check it out

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    Thanks, great theme!

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    Now this looks good

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    not bad, nice work

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    Thanks, it seems good theme

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    cool mk theme

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    The picture is wicked, just 1 request.

    are you able to re-create it with a different color font? That is easier to read with the background?

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    pop that badboy into photoshop and change it yourself. then you can make it whatever colour you want.

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