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    Dec 2010

    Monster Energy Drink PS3 Theme

    Monster Energy Drink PS3 Theme, preview and download below.
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    I love energy drinks, i drank too much (2-6L a day) and had a very painful stomach-heart problem, which is healing at the moment.

    Nevermind, I really love that neon-green on black ! Looks awesome, thanks HeyManHRU !

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    Nice, thx for this.

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    Great colour swatch, you've nailed the Monster feel. I feel my fillings dissolving just looking at it

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    how can you install it onto your ps3 ?

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    Dec 2010

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    Oct 2010
    nice one mate. just gonna install it now.. looks good

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    Sweet, I'm a pretty big Monster Energy drink fan myself. Thx!

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    Looks hella tight bro thanks for this appreciate it!

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