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    Very much thanks

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    thanks bro, now i just need the game

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    the Last of Us really is the best of the best

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    Great Theme thanks a lot

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    Awesome theme for a great game.

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    is it possible to install on OFW ?

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    Prfoblem: first i install duplex release of The las of us. but i try many times but alltime it crash. the i buy the PS3 DVD to play the game. but it dosent. it came a black screen and after 4 sek. the cdrom drive stop working and my system hangs. I have testet wit different CFW. the last i use now is Rogero CFW 4.50.1. all other games load from CD or ext. from HDD or Int. HDD. what is the problem, please HELP ME! IM frustrated.

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    huge fan of the last of us thanks for the theme

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    Thankss i will download it

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