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    looks cool

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    i like the icons

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    Jul 2013
    Looks SUPER Cool

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    great theme thanks

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    Aug 2013
    Thanks for the theme! This game's in my backlog, but I probably should bump it. I picked up the Survival Edition a month after release. Got lucky I guess because nowhere seemed to have it and then I nearly tripped over it at JunkStop.

    hahaha... Just pulled out the box, the HUGE box, and realized the Survival Edition comes with a dynamic theme among other dlc bonuses. I need to stop buying CE's and LE's and throwing them in the back room without giving them a look. I'll need to take inventory to see what other DLC I've got laying around.
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    Aug 2013
    cheers thx for this

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    Dec 2010
    Funny how I made this theme ages ago and just got to playing it

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    this is what i am waiting for

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