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    Great theme, great game

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    nice theme... and still the only ps3 halo 4 theme showing up on google

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    My PS3 is still sporting the default theme... Time to change!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    ty mate cool theme

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    Nov 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by TyRider5 View Post
    Nice theme. Now if we could only play Halo on the PS3. Or have I missed something?
    can not play halo on ps3
    Last edited by toshan; 11-17-2012 at 12:40 AM

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    Nice one, thanks man

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    Great theme with amazing images and animations.

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    Thanks a lot for this m8

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    Nice one, thanks for this (top notch)!

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    Oh the irony! Ha ha.. thank you for the theme, it looks brilliant.

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