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    God of War III Redefined HD PS3 Theme

    God of War III Redefined HD PS3 Theme is attached below, with preview!
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    Thanks, this is one of a heck Theme, the best Theme i saw on the net, and in HD, this one is great.

    Great Job and i have a request, can you make a Mortal kombat HD Theme, the new mortal kombat. I hope you can make this one.

    Thanks already for the Theme.

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    thanks this is sweet... how do i make it stay on just one of the backgrounds though... went into multiman came out and it switched on me.

    nvm extracted the bg i liked with theme program and just made it background...
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    This is a tight theme... great job on making this!

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    thanks for the theme ^_^ looks great.

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    Very nice looking theme!

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    I like it a lot, thanks.

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    This made my TV look so much more manly than before.

    Man, i love it! thanks for it.

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    Since popping a colored eyes- thumbs up!

    Really good work man, thanks for it too!

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    Great theme... good job on it.

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