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    Thanks for this theme. hope there will be more..

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    wow nice theme... Thank you so much.

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    Awsome theme man, good lord I must have it and add it to my collection of awsome stuff

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    Big Grin Kratos HD

    Yo Great one, have you considered about the request earlier.

    I saw that Kratos is in Mortal Kombat, maybe HD MK Theme?

    Thanks again for the Theme.

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    thanks for the ps3 theme!!

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    Totally awesome theme man! Looks super sweet. Bring more on.

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    cool ps3 theme man !

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    I saw this and downloaded it immediately. Thank you so much for this theme!

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    May 2005
    Many thanks and great job on making this!

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    Jan 2011
    wow! thanks, i like it

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