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    Quote Originally Posted by lindwurm View Post
    No friend there's only one theme file on below or under attached files on exotica.rar (just put the folder inside after extracting exotica.rar into you pen drive or external hdd and install it from your ps3 theme setting )

    the other beside that just preview pictures.
    Just to add, he must put the extracted theme into a pen drive or HDD with : (Folder) PS3, and another folder named THEME into PS3 folder or he wont be able to install themes.

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    nice! thanks

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    Nice 1 mate.. keep it up

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    Thanks friend

    Thanks a lot everyone
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    Nice theme mate! Hope you can update it with more wallpaper love it!

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    really nice. thanks

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    Thanks man.

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    I really like those BG images could you possible share?

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    Is that art from Boris Valego? Looks similar ...

    Sent from my Galaxy S II.

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    thanks again friends

    well sinota if you want to grab the BG you can use p3t extractor

    is it from boris valego ? i don't know for sure but one of it is the art of henning ludvigsen

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