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    Cool PS3 Themes Collection Pack

    Hi friends,

    Got some cool collection of PS3 themes would like to share with. No hacking required.

    Any PS3: just follow below instruction to install it and enjoy.


    1. save .P3T theme file to a External Storage or a USB Device (FAT32 formatted)
    2. make a folder in the root of the Device name it as “PS3" (Without Quotes)
    3. make a folder in the PS3 folder called “THEME” (ALL CAPS REQUIRED)
    4. Copy the .P3T theme file into the THEME folder
    5. Connect the device to your PS3
    6. Now go to SETTINGS under main menu then go to THEME SETTINGS
    7. Click install
    8. Select your USB device
    9. Select and Install your new theme
    10. Go back into THEME SETTINGS and apply the new theme


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    Grand Theft Auto V Ultra Slideshow 2

    Here's download link GTA V Ultra Slide show theme:

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