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    Batman: Arkham Asylum (Batman - Official) XMB PS3 Theme

    Batman: Arkham Asylum (Batman - Official) XMB PS3 Theme is attached below, with preview!
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    this is a great theme but the sounds become annoying real quick.. what were they thinking when they put that in the theme?

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    I like the theme a lot, looks real tight. But I don't see what's so great about the new batman game. Don't get me wrong batman is sick as hell, but I don't see the appeal of the game.

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    This is a great theme.. love it!

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    arkum asylum theme

    As a huge batman fan I immediately downloaded the theme as soon as it came out. After having it on my PS3 for awhile now, I still really like it. Although the sounds can be cumbersome at times it still is a really cool theme. I would still recommend it to any batman fan. Cool game by the way as well.

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    I'm actually not a huge Batman fan, but I love his rogues gallery. I love the theme, but wish it came with more wallpapers. There are so may great characters, why make a Batman and a Joker theme, when they could have just made an Arkham Asylum theme? I still like them both, just wish they'd consolidate.

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    It's actually not a bad theme. If the sounds bug you so much you can always turn them off. You DO have a Mute button on your TV's remote, don't you ?

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    And if you dont have a mute button theres always the turn key pad tones off. i like the Joker theme sinister yet fun with the florescent green writing but the joker's laugh is loud and comes out of nowhere... i maneged to scare my mum with it lol

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    That's one cool theme right there. Good job!

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    I really don't like the sounds either...

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