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    Aliens Vs Predator PS3 Theme

    Aliens Vs Predator PS3 Theme is attached below, with preview!
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    Seems like a nice theme.. thanks!

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    That is indeed an awesome ps3 theme thanks.

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    Thanks for the PS3 theme! Great job!!!

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    Thanks for this theme. Congratulations.

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    great job man, i like it!

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    Big Predator fan this is gonna be awsome thanks!

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    Thank you for your comments: To let you know this theme was a combination of 2 seperate themes a alien theme and a predator theme i didn't like the background or some of the green icons in this theme so i took apart both themes changed the background and applied the icons that i had for the theme sorry to report however that the theme has some issues still which there are some green icons left because there was not enough icons for a few of the remaining icons that are green if someone out there know's how to use the ps3 creation tools for theme creation and can finish this theme i would be most greatful just load the p3t into your theme editor and add the new icons to replace the older green icons please thank you very much

    Johnodd4 a.k.a D.O.A CLOWN (creator of the alien vs predator theme)

    Also thank you i was hoping my theme would have shown up somewhere online so i could redownload it and continue my work my computer crashed and about one month later i lost my ps3 hard drive to a error and i thought i had lost this theme for ever thank you
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    thanks for the theme, this looks much better then the orginal one.

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