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    Smile PS2 Backups Playable - SwapMagic 3.6 works on fw 1.10!

    First take the torx bolt out slide the face plate off and remove few phillips screws. Take the metal cover off the top of the bd drive. Then remove the top plastic cover and unplug the sensor. Secure it down with a couple screws. Then cut a circle (with a plastic cutting saw bit) on the top cover. Your face plate now slides back over to allow swapping and still keeping the PS3 looking clean.

    Boot the PS2 DVD and wait for it to load. Now hold the PS button and quit the game. Slide your cover back and push down on the disk secure magnet. It will stop the laser, but not the spinning. swap disks and press circle(jp) X to boot your backup.

    Tested with 1.10 firmware, swap magic confirmed unplayable with 1.31, but this exploit is unconfirmed with that version of firmware. Swapmagic is only needed for PAL conversion and CD backups.

    crappy video:


    MS Word Doc:

    More videos:
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    I will mirror this in our Site News!

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    nice! thanks for hookup!

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    Just a thought... perhaps the same method could be used for PSX/PS1 back-ups on the PS3 using the original (pressed) Breaker Pro disc. If anyone tries this, feel free to let us know! Also, if PS2 back-ups run then perhaps utilities like PS2 Link will now allow us to do some BiOS/NVM/etc dumps unless the network drivers pose an issue still.

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    hmmmm.. interested..just didnt feel like open up the ps3 for just playing ps2 games. i rather using the ps2 system for it. beside graphic on the ps3 are not so good.. while playing ps2 game on it.

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    I would have posted this back in November, but I was afraid Sony would patch it. Turns out they did... well SM wont load, but I don't know if the XMB exploit still works.

    Swapping doesn't work for BDs. Even legit ones. I still want to try swapping a legit game for its backup on BD-R and see if it loads. I read with fw 1.31 it wont, but might on the lower versions.

    Its odd that this works with DVD PS2 titles, but not CD. That will produce an error.

    Unfortunately HD Advance or similar wont work, because you have to go online to get the PS2 HDD update. To go online you have to update to the latest firmware.

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    Well with BDs your are exceeding the size of the swapmagic disc by quite a bit and this is mainly why this could be happening, now if SM came out with a SM BD disc that might work, but then it comes back to modifying your ps3 or some sort of fliptop might have to be made by some company which might never happen.

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    THIS IS GOOD NEWS!....however i strongly agree with post #7, it's gonna take a little more before a I touch a srew on the ps3.

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    lol, I have to thank PS3News for mentioning my name on the main page post. Every other other site stole the news and claimed it as their find.

    yeah, I wouldn't recommend doing this to your PS3. Even more so if you have no experience building computers or tinkering with electronics. The plastic in the BD drive is fragile and if the cogs fall out the drive turn on.

    I did this because I bought a Japanese PS3. UPS broke it during shipping and Sony wouldn't warranty it. So I opened it, got it working, then decided I buy Swapmagic and see if it ran.
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    1. does this void the warranty?
    2. can anyone confirm if PSX backups work with a GS and a swap?
    3. could someone confirm if multidisk psx games work with no savepoint in between CD-ROMS

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