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    Forum Moderator racer0018's Avatar
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    PS3 Unbricking and Downgrading Service

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    I will offer the same in the states. Mine will be all gaming systems, wii modchip installs, ps2 mod chip installs, Xbox 360 flashing, ps3 downgrading and unbricking. If I can't fix it then no charge. Pm me if you would like to talk. I have a progskeet that I install and use. I can fix ylod as well. Sorry the reballing machine is broke and have to fix it but will reflow with flux for cheap. Thanks.

    Will post some pictures.

    Forgot to say that NAND and nor chips are welcome with downgrading.

    Here are some pictures of a progskeet installed on a ps3 that was bricked with the e3. I guy sent this to me and he tried to downgrade it. I bricked and he sent it to me for work. he couldnt get the e3 clip to set right again and so he couldnt write the backup he had. i fixed it and then got the e3 installed with the clip set the offer and the e3 linker. thanks

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    When you can reattach the pics racer0018 and I will add them to the first post... sorry about that. I have also made this a Sticky for now as well here.

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    good work racer. out of interest how much can you charge for a pal 60gig cech02 to be downgraded and have a progskeet installled permanently? it is a pal system and not including shipping.


    i'd also like to know if there is an aussies here that can offer this service also.

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    For a fellow mod. Cost of the materials that I would use. And shipping back to you.

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    i need to remarry my diskdrive

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    What kind of ps3 is it and what firmware? Thanks.

    Ok I am going to say this. I have been getting a lot emails for this, please before you ask check your ps3 with minverchecker to make sure that you can downgrade. This will save a lot of time.

    Doing this has never been about the money, so with that out of the way, into the end of next month (April) I will downgrade slims for members that pay for two months of premium membership for the shipping cost only.

    And for phats 10 dollars plus shipping. I will need to have ps3news check and make sure you paid. Remember I am doing this to help out the site. After April it will be full price. Thanks

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    I just finished with three of them, so I will be posting some more pictures of the soldering jobs.

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    Look forward to seeing them! I'll be comparing soldering! Lol...

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    Unhappy I bricked my ps3

    I bricked my ps3. I had successfully installed the e3 flasher then installed the 3.55 cfw. All was working well until i realized that i needed to flash to a different firmware to get multi-man up and going. I then tried to flash to 3.55 kmeaw and now it only starts for 3 seconds then shuts off.

    Can you fix it if so how much. please contact me I really want to get this fixed.

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    Do you make a dump of nor chip in the ps3 before And after the downgrade? If so it will be easy, if not then it will be harder but still think I can do it. Is it a fat or a slim ps3.


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