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    Forum Moderator racer0018's Avatar
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    Ok I have five ps3s going out today and will provide tracking for each you by email. Thanks all.

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    Thanks again Racer for all your help. I kept you up all night. Like 5 calls and 100 texts later and I am finally downgraded. LMFAO. I have really enjoyed this thing so far. Still playing around trying to figure some stuff out. In due time I reckon. Anyway just wanted to let everyone know that doesn't already, Racer0018 really knows his stuff, and is very helpful. +rep. True inspiration to the mod scene.

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    Just shoot me a text or a call when you are ready to change your Cfw and remember to keep the ps3s in a safe place. Thanks

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    man, i didn't even think about that. When i change firmwares, i am gonna have to reformat hdd? i already have a bunch of games loaded from disk. How would i back those up? To an external before i format, then reinstall on internal?

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    You can use multiman to transfer games from internal to external. Thanks

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    Services Needed

    Dear Racer0018,

    I live in Greensboro, NC, and recently bought a 160 GB Slim PS3 console with 3.60 firmware; however, it was bought used from a Pawn shop. I would like to downgrade to 3.55 and install the Kmeaw custom firmware with multiman so that I can play all of my back-ups from my external hardrive. Please let me know if I can ship it to you, how much it would cost to downgrade, and how long it would take. Also, I'm a college student... meaning I am very poor I'm hoping that you can help me out.

    Thanks again,


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    If anyone can help you its racer but would you kindly tell us the model number on the back of the ps3 as some of the new ps3 consoles cannot load cfw

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    I will send you a pm or you can send me one and we will talk about it. Thanks.

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    Hey Racer,

    I think my system crashed on me. I try to turn it on and about five to ten seconds later it beeps a few times at me and turns off with the red light blinking. Was wondering if this can be fixed or should I go looking for another system?? It is jailbroken already. Let me know. Thanks Cheers

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    It really doesn't matter if it is jailbroken or not if it is a hardware problem. If it is ylod then I can reball it. But if it is software then I can fix that as well. Pm me with your model number and what it is doing, as far as what the lights are doing on the front of it. If it goes from green to yellow and then red. Also Pm me your contact info and I will get in touch with you.


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