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    mikola Guest

    Red Face YouTube HD video on ps3?

    Hi guys... can you open youtube hd videos on your ps3? i know the flash player is not updated at last version... but i found sites like keep tube that permit to load them... my problem is that continous buffering (stop and go)... how can i resolve it?

    p.s. i noted there's a fragments ip problem in network settings... maybe for this?

    thanx in advance...

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    1st Guest


    Try ps3youtube.com but not all materials are in HD...

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    mikola Guest


    There's even a buffering problem on that site... do you see these videos without problems?

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    1st Guest
    Yes, it's no problem, I have 30Mb internet access.. but if I cut the accces on the router to 10Mb, I have buffering problems.

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    jaqb Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by 1st View Post
    Yes, it's no problem, I have 30Mb internet access.. but if I cut the accces on the router to 10Mb, I have buffering problems.
    When have you tried that, because buffering issue has been resolved today... you should be able to watch HD with a 6 or 4Mb connection.

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    imtoodvs Guest


    try stagevu.com for the ps3, i just found out about it & so far, so good

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    mikola Guest
    i've 5mb access connection and the problem remains (only with ps3, not with notebook where it's allright)... in the settings of lan it's visualized the fragments ip note with my router (atlantisland 141w)...can it happen for this?

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    jaqb Guest


    Can you watch gametrailers hd videos from ps3youtube.com without a problem ? Check it out if you haven't and report back

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    Aiuati Guest


    You can try aiuati.com to watch Youtube HD videos.

    Still a demo/prototype...

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    fatdaddy Guest

    Thumbs Up

    you can download movies from QuickSliverScreen i've been doing it for all most a year the movies are dvd quality most run about 700mb hd are about 1.4 gig. i don't use a pc or a meda server but i can only download from 2shared today i downloaded legion, 2012 and daybrakers these are all free.

    when you download, don't download in background they take from 30 min to 3hrs make sure your ps3 and controller are not set to shut off automatically and when you download it will ask if you want to run a plugin answer yes.

    sometimes it will say javascript wants to open a new window answer no, these are the best and you can see them while there still in the theater.

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