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    [Answered] Which Are You Buying First? 360 or PS3?

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    Which Are You Buying First? 360 or PS3? and why?

    I'll be getting 360 when it gets released as I couldn't wait to play a next-gen title. Besides 360 has good exclusive titles of their own which I don't wanna miss out such as Gears of War. Of course I'll also be getting the PS3 when it comes out, there's some great exclusive titles in there like MGS4. So actually I'll be getting both just cause both systems have exclusive titles which I want to play. And also I work harder
    Best Answer - Posted by holla45:

    Buying 360 first because it comes out first then get ps3

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    Big Grin

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    I`ll be waiting for the PS3 as i never had a x-box and i have a lot of games which would be playable on the PS3 as were i have no x-box games at all.Not saying that there aren`t any good titles but i been a playstation fan for years now and they have the biggest library of games.

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    im buyin the 360...i have a ps2 and a decent ammount of games but i prefer the xbox games...

    ill probaby end up with all 3 systems again eventually, so it really matter's when there released...

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    I will purchase whichever system gets modded first.

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    Seems to me like the 360 will be modded first and easiest to back your games up with. The only way I can see PS3 games being backed up is if they end up getting shrunk sort of how you can DL DVD games but in CD size. I never liked that because a lot of games were just not right after being shrunk.

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    Stick Out Tongue

    i'm with Starlight i will wait for the ps3 i had an xbox but i didn't like it but then again i had it when it first came out so the good games are coming out now . . . uumm :stickpoke

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    While modding is cool for all sorts of purposes, it totally does not influence me on buying a system (bought a GC long before anyone thought it could be modded). I'll hopefully be buying a XB360 on launch with Gears of War, Perfect Dark Zero (if it is indeed a launch title) and Elderscrolls 4: Oblivion. Not too happy about $60 game prices though...

    And yes, I'll be buying a PS3 on launch too. Not to sure about the Revolution though...

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    Im looking to buy all 3 next-gen consoles and since the Xbox 360 is coming out first thats the one i will most likely get first.

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    Buying 360 first because it comes out first then get ps3

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