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    Contributor t3m3st's Avatar
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    May 2005

    Quote Originally Posted by Rook
    I believe that they already announced that the PS3 will be backwards compatible with all (most) PS1 and PS2 titles.
    Umm... duh? sorry 'bout that Wow... *feels stupid

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    Newbie tthnow's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    Quote Originally Posted by sideshow
    I will purchase whichever system gets modded first.

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    Well, today and have unleashed their extremely similar XB360 system pre-orders. Shouldn't this be good news you wonder? Why yes it should, but apparently both major online gaming suppliers have decided that only the richest gamers are going to be able to pre-order the damn thing. Not only do I get to pay out the ass for the absolutely necessary HDD edition of the XB360 ($399), but I also MUST purchase 3-4 games plus accessories. Yay! I like paying $60 a pop for games I might not like! $699 systems are 133t!!11!1!1 Way to go, one might have though you morons would have learned your lession with the absoluticrous "PSP bundles" at launch. CRRAAAPPP!
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    Newbie northernpimp's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    hahah yea pre-orders with the farm are stupid i jsut want the console and then pick my own game...stupid ass retailers...if they do this to ps3 im gonna flip, i just want to pre-order the system.

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    Newbie mariotrev's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    some of the games with the bundle are great titles, i just dont want to buy them all at once, for that reason ill buy my 360 elsewhere.

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    Newbie muppet's Avatar
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    Aug 2005

    PS3 for sure! The tech in it looks great.

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    Contributor WOWchamp's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    I plan on only getting a PS3, for one Ill be going to college in the spring and wont have 1500$ to spend on video game consoles. Another reason is that since the SNES and Sega CD I havent owned a console by either sega or nintendo with the exception of my gameboy advance (golden sun was just too good a game to be a fan boy and say no to nintendo). I also like all of the PS2 exclusives and cannot wait for FF12, since it should be like 7 was. Theres also the fact im going to be spending almost 300$ (maybe a little more) on a PSP.

    I just dont have enough money for all three systems... perhaps once im settled into college and the consoles see their first price drop I may pick up one or both of the others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WOWchamp
    I also like all of the PS2 exclusives and cannot wait for FF12, since it should be like 7 was.
    Where did you see that? 12 seems to be combining FF9 and FF Tactics, along with a pre-pubescent main protagonist...

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    Newbie 2ma's Avatar
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    Aug 2005

    Ill get a PS3. But Im not planning on getting it as soon as it comes out. Might wait a couple of months or even a year till the pirce drops. but in mean time im still very happy with my PS2.

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    Getting a ps3, but not imported from japan. As soon as it's out in the eu. No consideration whatsoever as to buying a xbox360, I'd rather bulk up my pc (as most of the games will be pc-xbox stuff). :/


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