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Thread: YLOD though no problem on PS3 help?

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    tgn Guest

    YLOD though no problem on PS3 help?

    i never had a single problem on the ps3 so i jailbreaked it to rogero 4.50 cfw and installed multiman... then all problems started injustice gods among us ylod after an hour ac4 i start new game direct ylod but if i go to play aveline works til an exact cutscene.. and my original bluray games to are giving ylod.

    i have a 80 gb fat and if i watch movies or do anything on the ps3 it doesn't give any problem stays on for days only for games... i even tried going back to ofw 3.55 and still the same problem.

    note: this directly started happening after jailbreaking. i am sure there is no heat up/hardware failure. please anyone any idea about this?

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    misiozol Guest
    Hmm... your console is dying and before it dies completely you should try to change heatsink paste under and above IHS , if this not help your out of luck

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    tgn Guest
    well could it be the power supply gone bad? cause i notice the temps are moderate and when i use fan controller and increase speed to max or somthng near it it ylod's, could a bad pwer supply cause this?

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    metzen Guest
    Like Misiozol has said it is starting to die. Depending where you live there are members in the marketplace that offer reball services.
    Please have a look there and good luck to you.

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    Siggy12 Guest
    Like Misiozo said... your console is going to die soon.

    do not power on your console anymore until you don't change your heatsink paste on CPU and especially GPU and if you have done this in time the problem will disappear.

    be careful because if you get ylod (means that every time you turn on your console it doesn't boot), you can do only a reballing on your console and nothing else can save you.

    don't let your PS3 DIE

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    tgn Guest
    thanks for the response guys i'll be sure not to switch it on.. till i get it more thing... would it be all right to go to sony, do they service consoles out of warranty? and if they do will they update my ofw from 3.55 to the latest even if i didn't want them to?

    hey guys thanks a lot for the response last thing..does sony service out of warranty consoles..? would it be expensive? and if they do would they upgrade the firmware from 3.55 to the latest even if i didn't want them to?

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    misiozol Guest
    Stay away from $ony in any manner as they are EVIL , it's job DIY

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