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    Whovee Guest

    YLOD PS3 HDD Recovery help

    hello everyone. i'm new to this site and need help badly... my ps3 caught the ylod and i wasn't able to backup my saves... i've tried swissknife and it doesn't read the drive as having anything to export off.

    i've also read the decrypting process.. is that how you recover saves? any help or advice would be greatly appreciated... thank you all in advance.

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    Apr 2005
    Your best bet short of sending it to Sony is probably to try fixing the YLOD yourself- even if it's a temporary fix, you may be able to pull your data off the PS3 then at least. Below are a few different guides/methods to do it:




    I wouldn't bother messing with decrypting HDD data as to date nobody has been successful in recovering their game save data that way. The tools used to do it were intended to save Devs time while experimenting with PS3 HDD decryption, so they aren't geared towards end-users for such tasks unfortunately.

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