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    YDL - Shed some light

    Hello there,

    im new to all this, i have installed YDL 6 on my ps3. I dumped my bluray movie image to my PC over my wired network What i would like to ask, is there any easy-er way of getting the image to windows than using my network (which to 6 hours), i tried putting the sata from ps3 to windows thinking ext3 would work, but nothing was seen upart from a unformated 80gb disc drive.

    Also the iso i made was a bluray movie i used Any dvd to rip the protection of the iso but i still cant play back the 20gig mts file in nero or vlc.

    Any help would be great!

    Cracked it thanks SAK

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    You might be out of luck if the ps3 encrypts the whole drive, but you can try installing this:

    Which allows windows to access ext drives and that may work

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    there is no way to put your ps3 hdd in a comp and have the pc read the files due to the whole hdd being encrypted. Unless you got an external hdd that you can dump to and then transfer it to the pc I think your out of luck. Dumping the image to your pc through a wired network shouldn't take that much bandwidth unless your dump speed is above 2 megabytes/second. I sometimes download 2gb mpeg-2's from my pc to ps3 @ 2-3 mb/sec and still download things at 512kb/sec.

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    Thanks for all your help guys. Ok here is what i did, i used SAK to dump the Iso to a usb HD formated in FAT32.. then i used SAK Export & File Merger Plus to put the files back to an iso in Windows XP. It really was not that hard once i found SAK :-)

    Thanks to all who made such a program. I then used AnyDVD to take the protection off the ISO

    Hope this helps Noobz like me

    BTW is GTA 4 only 9gig?

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