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Thread: x3 Max Files help?

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    00codefinder Guest

    x3 Max Files help?

    I am having issues trying to find a good payload for this. I tried this one spoof 3.5 + psn + match patch.hex both no luck.

    Anyone have any that are working. Also, I tried a bunch of other ones since the X3 is suppose to be able to accept any hex file.

    If someone can point me to a working one, be awesome.


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    porschedrifter Guest
    I havent been able to get this working either, hopefully someone will be able to answer this.

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    veritasaequita Guest
    are y'all using the gereric1v1_fix? cause i am and i haven't been able to find a hex i can't install and use yet.

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    Krisdog Guest
    Please tell me what exactly you are using (jb device, managers, ect.) and I can help.

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    veritasaequita Guest
    just wanted to say that in my post i mean i can load and use any hex i want since finding the genericV1_fix. just in case it wasn't clear.

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