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Thread: Would someone mod my fallout new vegas save?

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    maxim380 Guest

    Would someone mod my fallout new vegas save?


    I used to have an jailbroken ps3, and i had Fallout: new vegas on it, just for the mods. I used the portable cheat terminal or something like that to max all my special skills to 10. But now i don't have a jailbroken ps3 anymore, since i updated to 4.00, and i bought the DLC's.

    My problem: I finished lonesome road, and when you finish it, you receive one special point. But since i have everything already at 10, I can't use it.

    And the game doesn't give you the option to just go on without spending that point. So my question is if anybody is willing to edit my save file, so that one of my special skills is 9, and i can spend the point to raise it to 10. If you want to do that, i'll send you my save file.



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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Well, upload your save and see if someone may do it right away.

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    maxim380 Guest

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well I opened up the Param.sfo file in the save and there was nothing about special points, so I would try deleting the game data (The first game data of Fallout new Vegas installed, not any of the DLC) and re-run the game making it re-install the game data without the mod.

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