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    [Answered] Would it help if I snagged some PSN full games files?

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    So. I have a good 400-900 USD invested in the PSN downloads and such, and I happened to notice, the bulk of releases in PSN games for download in here all have demo versions or are cracked through the demo (With an exception of like 9 games) Is this because they need the data for the games?

    So... I was thinking, I could hop on the PSN with the legit PS3, use SimpleDNAS to redirect the info through the PC, then use Wireshark to identify the PKG files being picked up through the PSN as I come across them.

    Would this help any with the release of future games? Because I seriously have a lot.
    Best Answer - Posted by Bartholomy:

    Maybe this guide can help?


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    it might work but it is really hard to do.

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    Depends. i'm not sure if can be useful, we will tell you, in case

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    Can be interesting for get some PS2 downloadable games from PSN

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    I'd really like to compare the retail FIFA 12 with the PSN version. I hope you can obtain the psn link

    Thank you very much

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